Hive Portfolio Report on 10-October-2021

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Amazing things are happening on the Hive blockchain as we have seen some crazy prices increases all over the space. Splinterlands simply keeps on giving and as we get closer and closer the Chaos Legion presale the SPS is just going out of the roof, Hive also had a skyrocket above $1, new tribes came to the space like 1UP (1up.zone) and other ones are getting stronger and stronger. While I didn't think about it this way, I came to realize that one could make a strong portfolio just with Hive crypto and hit it big. So this is why I try to grow my portfolio and continuously expand it with more tokens.


*HIVE & HBD HIVE and HBD are for me an investment in the future and even if I had some liquid HIVE these days would have been great to sell high and buy low, I am powering everything up and continue my journey to reach at least 10,000 Hive Power and 1,000 HBD. I had to use some HBD to put into a Liquidity Pool on TribalDex so the balance kept somehow the same while on Hive I've grown through my content creation and curation. So for the week, I've accumulated 73 Hive and 13 HBD, which are worth $73 at current market prices.. image.png

LEO & CUB Things are going steady for my LEO and CUB investments and I simply stake or power up every token that I get. LEO tokens I get from content creation and curation from Leo Finance and CUB I get from Farm and Kingdom participation on CubDeFi. In addition to these, I have some LEO Miners and significant delegation given to @leo.voter which provide me additional passive revenue. Adding all of these assets I am finishing the week with more than 412 LEO and 232 CUB which are worth about $184 at current market prices.. image.png

DEC & SPS & SPT Splinterlands is going crazy these days as we get closer and closer to Chaos Legion presale. With that in mind, I am continuing to stake SPS and gather DEC that I will be using to buy the packs. The content creation around the game brings me some nice SPT tokens which I stake and delegate to @monster-curator for some nice daily returns. Putting everything together I succeeded to gain for the week 1401 SPS, 12074 DEC and 11544 SPT which are worth $1541 at current market prices. image.png

CTP, POB, BEE, ONEUP & Other HIVE second layer tokens* One change from the other tokens that I was targets is the fact that I will not consider anymore STEM as it requires scientific oriented content and I don't have time to get into more depth in that domain, but instead, I am spreading my portfolio with ONEUP and BEE tokens. ONEUP (1up.zone) is all about play2earn and free2play blockchain gaming, while BEE is the token that powers the entire Hive-Engine ecosystem. Also, some of these assets are involved in Liquidity Pools on Hive-Engine so I will try to gather all of them when presenting the gains. For the week I've ended up adding 50 CTP, 45 POB, 88 BEE and X ONEUP tokens which are worth $74 at current market prices.


Uptober is here and the Hive blockchain assets are thriving and showing great potential and an uptrend that hopefully will keep going on. Splinterlands is the big star of the month with Chaos Legion presale coming soon, but pay attention to Leo Finance and their IDOs on CUBDeFi which might make CUB moon once again. In addition to that 1UP is getting established in the space and getting traction, so now is a good moment to get in. While I've succeeded to capture the moment of all of the above projects I ended the week making $1,864 or $266 per day. That is a significant increase and mostly due to Splinterlands, although after the presale the price might hit new lows, but I will be investing in packs at that point and will add those to my asset investments on Hive.

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