LEO Finance - A new traffic source is coming with fast steps from TORUM

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TORUM is a crypto-centric social media platform that aims to form a powerful one-stop ecosystem by bridging the gap between cryptocurrency communities across the world. It is fueled by XTM cryptocurrency which at the moment is in IEO Pre-Sale with a pegged price per XTM at 0.05 USDT. I see them more like Twitter communities where you can spread the word about your interest, be part of clans and simply get informed or write about your hobbies and passions.


I have joined Torum through one post written by @trumpman on LEO Finance and while I don't expect much from it at this phase, I try to pass on there daily to redeem some mission-like rewards just for being active. I also tend to post a teaser about my articles from LEO Finance and I think that other might do the same. And this starts to translate into traffic for the LEO Finance website and in such a short time it gained quite some tractions and provides good traffic. Looking on Simple Analytics we see that Torum is on second page of LEO Finance referrals with no less than 71 redirects. I consider it a good number at this point.

I think that we need such platform as traffic source for LEO Finance where we can give a teaser on the posts from the Hive community site and bring new users from there. This improves SEO as we don't replicate the content and creates positive backlinks IN and OUT which improves our ranking over Alexa or other systems reflecting Internet trust. Let me just give you an example of a message posted on Torum by me on an article that I've written today on LEO Finance which can provide traffic from there.

What I like about such traffic sources is that these are the result of community work which conscientiously backlink LEO Finance everywhere they see the opportunity. I know that @khaleelkazi is doing his part with the promising AI Marketing approach, but in the same time I believe that the community needs to do its part as well and help elevate LEO Finance. It is within our power and grasp to put a little bit of energy and mindfulness to spread the word about this great community and help it grow and expand. Doing so we help ourselves and we help this ecosystem move to next level.

If you didn't joined yet and you want to do it, here is a link from Torum. Using it should drop 75 XTM to your wallet right away. https://www.torum.com/signup?referral_code=behiver

I challenge you

to find new ways to spread the word about LEO Finance!

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