LEO Finance is the community that screams “I notice you”

10 days ago
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Hive is a DPoS powered blockchain & cryptocurrency with a thriving ecosystem of dapps, communities & individuals which joined and adhered fast to the values from here and the loyalty for the platform. We all started our journey by posting on Hive and being rewarded for it, but the things that took it truly to the next level were the communities. Communities focus one's energy and interests and align them with the others members in order to share, grow and build great things together.


And while I was swimming in the sea of information from Hive, once I discovered the LEO Finance community I felt somehow at home based on my domain of interest. As I am from Business Informatics I found here the place that intersect the interest for finance, stocks, businesses and money making with the one of cryptocurrencies, a bankless future and the freedom of blockchain. And when you find something good you put all the energy in it and that has happened for me in the past months as from few other communities, LEO Finance was the epicenter for my blogging.

A pleasant surprise came this week when the stats about the top authors from the LEO Finance community was published and I found myself in Top 25 curated bloggers. Not only that but the LEO rewards surpass the HIVE ones which shows that the communities bring or take out more value from our content in comparison. With an astonishing 10th places that I never thought I will ever reached, I've exceeded all my expectations.


In October I've succeeded to be rewarded for my posts with an overwhelming 1,289 LEO ($246) and 475 HIVE ($69). This gets me to a total rewards of $315 from which an amazing percentage of 78.01% had the source from LEO. If this is not the clear proof of the power of this community over Hive and don't know what else it is. The financial results are remarkable and with the latest developments from LEO and the expected increase in price that will translate to a greater income.

We all have our passions, our hobbies and our interests and focusing our attention and time on those and finding the community niche that fulfils it is the way to move forward and get rewarded for the value that you bring to the table. LEO Finance flipped the table against Hive and proved that it gets more value and I believe that others can do the same. Whether if it is CTP, PALNET, NEOXIAN, SPT or any other community of your choice I am sure that you will find more joy being a part of them and a nice feeling of being part of something greater than yourself.

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