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We are living a warm November as none before and at the same time, the crypto winter at least is not freezing us for good. Getting into a better mood, I have started gathering my LEO tokens since the beginning of the month while preparing for the Leo Power Up Day #lpud. While we all can give up the power by selling our tokens or simply letting them stay frozen in our wallet, we can take the power back and stake them for better perks, influence, and curation rewards. So this is what I've done and probably will continue to do so in the future while I advance through the lion's clan.

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The LEO tokens that I've gathered from the beginning of the month come from the following revenue streams:

  • Near daily (;)) content creation on the Leo Finance platform (have a few days gap as I went hiking in the mountains just last weekend)
  • Daily content curation on the Leo Finance platform (part of my daily routine to engage with those commenting on my posts and checking new and trading posts on the platform)
  • LEO rewards based on the 120 LEO Miners


As of today 15 November 2022 I have succeeded to accumulate 471.616 LEO tokens which I have powered all. While already having 4,410.363 LEO tokens already staked, with the addition of 471.616 LEO tokens I have ended up with 4,881.979 LEO powered up. While I was hoping to tap 5,000 LP on this LPUD, there is still a bit of token to get until that threshold. Most surely on the next LPUD, I will get there and more as my curation rewards will only increase with each addition. There are a lot of great things coming to Leo Finance (like the LeoAds functionality) which will reward more the content creators, thus now are good times to accumulate and prepare for what's next.

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