LEO Finance needs a Leaderboard aggregating all LEO assets

5 days ago
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LEO Finance is not just a website, it is an entire cryptocurrency and financial ecosystem that makes use of the latest innovations in financial instruments. It has so many layers built into its veins that simply make LEO Finance work like a living organism which grows as it is being fed with crypto and financial information.


The investment opportunities on LEO Finance are not to be oversight and one can fill up his portfolio and boost up his LEO earning through different methods. This include delegation, mining, commenting, posting or wrapping up LEO into Ethereum on Uniswap. This investment opportunities creates also stake lockup on the period that the funds are invested into.

For someone to evaluate the wallet value it can become quite cumbersome as it needs to take into considerations many variable. In order to come helping the users and allow them to have a clear picture, I think that we need a Leaderboard containing all the locked LEO funds or temporarily transferred. We could use the LEO Rich List from LeoDex but that is pretty deficitary and would need same improvements as well. Thus, having a separate Leaderboard widget would be a cool thing.

The LEO Finance Leaderboard as I see it, should contain the following information per user. This items are purposed to report all the holdings to the owner account, rather than reflecting any temporary state with any delegated or wrapped tokens.

  • Staked LEO (add)
  • Liquid LEO (add)
  • Wrapped LEO (add)
  • Delegated-out LEO (add)
  • Delegated-in LEO (substract)
  • Total LEO Balance (sum of all of the above)

In the same time there could be an additional option for including the LEO Miners as I consider those deeply linked to the LEO token itself as they are meant to produce them. These can be converted to LEO using the Uniswap spot exchange. Nevertheless this could be just optional as some could see the Leaderboard also without them.

Hopefully this is food for thought as it would be pretty cool to have a Leaderboard and we'll be the first community having such a sweet widget. Let's make great things on LEO Finance!

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