LEO Finance - Visiting my mines and collecting the gold | TODAY ROI 274.03% YEARLY Prediction 380.88%

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It passed a long time since I have visited my mines and see what my LEOM (LEO Miners) were doing and if the harvested the precious LEO out of the ground. The small mine that I have is compound from 120 hard working class miners which are getting underground day after day in the hope of a better life. The miners use traditional mining tools and is a hard physical work to dig into stone and find rare LEO which brings the light into their eyes.


Here is an updated summary on 20-November-2020 with my LEO mining investment, the current returns and also the expected yearly yield. As LEO Miners supply was exhausted there isn't more investment to do in this, but rather collect the rewards and keep track of the results.


Few key points about the LEO Miners from the last period:

  • The 120 LEO Miners are mining slow and steady (that's what I could buy from the market prior for the supply to deplete)
  • The 120 LEO Miners have a good value on the market, more than tripled (x3) their value. I am expecting for those to at least get x4.
  • There will be no liquidation of the LEO Miners any way soon as they provide a passive additional income.

This is one of the best investment I've made in the LEO Finance space in terms of returns and probably if I had more funds at that moment I could have bought a better gold mine and harvest more. But at least I got on the train in time and for being a passive income is quite great.

All creation is a mine and every man is a miner.

Follow my mining journey and get inspired!

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