Noise.Cash - The Bitcoin Cash powered version of Twitter

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I've found just about yesterday about and I've succeeded to enroll in a matter of seconds and get everything going in just few minutes. Basically you create your account, you link it with an existing or new BCH address and you can start posting messages and get tips for it. It is like Twitter, although at this point you cannot input images, but just at another level of speed, amount of information and pure noise that creates buzz on any topic.


First you need to register by pushing the "Get Started" button. There you just need to provide a Display name, e-mail address, a password and confirm it as an acknowledgement. A simple and clear login page that will push you into the application next. You can start posting right away, although it is recommended first to add a BCH address in order to get the tips for your messages almost instantly.

You can set an existing Bitcoin Cash address through access the top menu and choosing the Wallet option. Simply set the address and push Save button. If you don't have an address and also as a note in the app, you can use wallet on Mobile. It is recommended to use a mobile wallet as you will get some nice notifications when tips will be pouring into your address.

If you don't have a Bitcoin Cash wallet, you can get one by installing wallet on your mobile phone or a desktop computer (scroll that page down to see the versions for Mac, Windows and Linux). Click "Receive", you will see a something like this: bitcoincash:qqxgv09yt3nyu7cxz2w943x63r5hydyndu5vd3345a


Now that you are all set you can get to business. Just post some meaningful short enough posts (3-4 lines in general) and you are on your own way on getting some tips if the info is good enough, engaging, impactful or simply you rezonate with another user or community. As well you can Explore the new posts and when you find something interesting give a tip, leave a comment and also maybe add the user to your subscriptions list. This way you'll be able to filter later on the posts just for those you are following instead of simply exploring everything.

The works using tips that are given for free to users to distribute. You keep buzzing through posting, commenting and you will be entitled to a specific amount of BCH to tip on. Just pay attention to tip good content as if not your tips will be less and less. Good quality is the one that will keep you on top. In a couple of hours from using the app, I've made more than $2 and this morning when I woke up I had over $1 to tip with. What is great when tipping as well is that you can set a % from the tip to get to you (0 - 80%). So I could get $0.80 out of $1, but I prefer to use 50% for the author and 50% to keep for me. As well I split the voting power in $0.05 and $0.10 amounts in order to be able to curate more and I recommend for you to do the same.

The app is in its very beginning steps and it contains just the basic features to get it rolling. There is a lot in the making, but nevertheless it is the right time for anyone to join and be an early adopter. Build a meaningful subscription list and you should get also some good information out of it along with some nice tips. And as we know from here, building a community there and supporting each other is the way to grow. While there isn't any referral program yet on the app, I will just leave a link towards my account that you can follow and share posts altogether.

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