RE: Guess who got REKT in HIVE price pump?

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Yeah, I avoid getting into such schemes because I simply don't know when to enter and exit the market. Before the pump I had 3,000 HIVE which I converted to HBD and BEE and added them on the TribalDex LP. At a first glance I am -3,000 USD and probably that might move higher, but on the other hand I will be holding long in the LP and grow my earning from there. Nevertheless, we make decisions and need to stand by them and learn from past experiences.

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I was getting it right at first, selling high and buying back low, and that was the problem! This kind of stuff "works until it doesn't". Luckily the biggest chunk of my HIVE was untouched and I left it as HP, but since the more the better, I can't stop thinking about all the time I sold HIVE and how I missed out. That is one of the reasons I am quitting trading. In for the long term!