The key to grow your crypto portfolio is go slow to go fast

29 days ago
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The crypto craze is here and while the hype exists we can either ride the price or choose a different approach to grow our portfolio value. Sometimes you need to go slow to go fast. This applies to financial world as well as everything in life. We live as though there aren't enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly, carefully and pace ourselves we will get it done quicker, steadier and with much less stress. We just need consistency and a plan to move in the right direction.


The crypto space is starting to move at a speed we barely can keep up and we try to run after any opportunity appears beneath our eyes. It might be FOMO or just we are thinking that there is no better time to pull the trigger. In some cases that is true - the CUB Finance is a proof of that - but in other cases it simply acts against us and makes us lose focus from those investments that are bringing us real value. So if we have well handpicked the crypto assets from our portfolio, I think the best approach would be to consume our energy to try to make those grow in number.

We are looking daily at the price and see days when the price is up and days when the price is down. These create opportunities for the traders between us, but I am rather a HODLer and playing the long game. Which is the long game for me? One that ensure me financial freedom and that implies to reach about x7 from my current portfolio value. So how will I get there? Surely not watching the price, but by trying to put all my crypto work and increase in numbers.


If this year proved something (once again) is that history repeats itself and that the trend with cryptocurrencies and with adoption by more and more players, is that they will always push to new all time highs. So if we are not there with our target to ensure a financial freedom, the only thing we can do at the moment is to accumulate more cryptos and be prepared when those numbers together with future ATHs will reach our exit target. Of course there are some crypto is hard to part of, but it is upon anyone's decision on how sees its financial future, the debt anyone has and other investment that are worth pursuing. It is a complex crypto space and we usually translate from that to FIAT to pursue our needs.

So I think the most important thing is to have a plan and GO SLOW TO GO FAST! Do that and you'll cross the finish like earlier than others which are distracted by the small value assets or phantom earnings from the crypto space.

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