The road to staking LEO tokens – 606.105/10,000 (6.06%) target progress on 15-Sep-2020 | Growing Times

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While the bigger players from the community are preparing for the Liquidity Pool investing, I am continue my path at staking the LEO tokens as my account is pretty small. It passed less than a week (10-Sep-2020) from when I last staked my LEO tokens (500.133) and moving forward I've decided to stake new tokens when I reach at least 100 step or more. This happened meanwhile and here we are with another staking. This proves that I am persistent and hopefully I will keep on posting day after day and gaining more to reach my objective.

As I continued gathering new rewards, I have moved on by staking them in the sum of 105.972. After this transaction I have reached 606.105 which increased my Vote Power as well. This represents at the moment 6.06% from my total goal of 10,000 LEO. In the same time my ranking within the LEO community holders improved from 571 to 520 (51 places up), which is motivating me more to continue on the chosen path.

I intend once a week to stake more LEO tokens and keep you posted on a regular basis. In the beginning things will move slower, but once my power increases I will be able to earn something more also from curation. I like viewing New posts on the community so that should be my first channel for curation. And so it continues my journey to reaching 10k LEO staked until end of the year...let's see if I can make it!

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