Too much noise in crypto is bad for your health and pocket

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It is clear that crypto is growing now at a lightning pace and it pulls us with it. But with that comes a lot of noise and if we don't pay attention we might spread to thin on so many projects and we might end up with a lot of failures and so precious time lost. And that is something we cannot get back and we might wake up on one morning, look at our portfolio and see that the evolution didn't make a dent in shaping our financial future. And that will simply discourage us from tracking real life changing projects...so what is the solution?


We need to choose wisely the assets from our portfolio and evaluate them really good instead of hunting the hoards of so call investors or tips thrown on Twitter while having a drink. We might think for ourselves and we should invest in cryptos that are solving real problems, that are trying to change specific spaces and not bag up some meme shitcoins or others alike. At least this way even if we don't make it big, maybe we'll be able to reconciliate with ourselves that we took a wise decision with the information at our disposal.


I am looking at my portfolio and I am see about 20% of bad decisions, which are assets standing at the bottom. And beside the money I have poured into them, if I would count also the time spent on them probably I would shoot myself or simply see how many days or weeks from my life I've lost for nothing. Nobody has time to lose or spare, so let's make the most of it. I will remove them from tracking and simply disregard any further interaction with those that require time and effort and simply hit the rock bottom. This should make a difference in using my funds smart and make bigger steps into making a financial future for myself.


My advice from all this experience: Get rid of the noise from crypto! Focus on the projects you believe in and try to cover as many as possible from the angles each ecosystem offers and you will be able to consolidate your positions within these and earn better faster.

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