TribalDex - Liquidity Pool rewards transactions are now visible for tracking

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While I have become a Liquidity Provider in various pools from TribalDex (including LEO:ONEUP), the most annoying thing about it was the fact that I couldn't track the rewards from these pools. Simply even if the balance of the rewarded asset would grow in the Hive Engine balance, I wouldn't be able to find it amongst the historical transactions for those tokens. This was raised by many users either within posts or even on the Hive Engine Discord channel.


As I am using LeoDex for most of my operations on the second layer tokens, I found out today that now I see also the rewards from the LPs amongst the transactions for a specific token. The first step is to find the asset(s) that is/are being rewarded from the pool and push the "Token History" button.


Once the Token history is displayed you simply need to find received rewards with the Operation Type as "distribution_checkPendingDistributions". This should translate to the rewards for a specific Liquidity Pool for the current token.


Great to see this issue solved and now to have more transparency and understanding of the DeFi system on Hive blockchain. I am sure that by taking such steps more users would have some of the questions answered and have more confidence to try being a Liquidity Provider on various pairs between first and second layer tokens from Hive Engine. More depth is helping all of us so getting involved is for the better!

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