TribalDex - Missing Liquidity Pools for SPT cryptocurrency

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Splinterlands took by storm the entire crypto gaming space and it climbs abruptly each day with tens of thousands of new users. With that, tokenomics are put at the challenge in each moment as users rush to earn and exchange between the cryptocurrencies used in this ecosystem. And we are discussing here DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) the in-game cryptocurrency, SPS (Splintershards) the governance cryptocurrency, and SPT the cryptocurrency for the SplinterTalk blogging platform for anything Splinterlands related. With all this complexity and use cases it becomes important to be able to exchange these tokens fast and easily.


The Hive DeFi is ensured at this point through TribalDex that offers Diesel Pools pairing HIVE, HBD, and second layer tokens like DEC, SPS, and SPT. Specifically to Splinterlands, we have the following paired tokens for DEC.


In the case of SPS we have more options through the Diesel Pools considering that SPS was released also on the Binance Smart Chain and extended its use cases.


Now we are getting to SPT which has just one pool available through the Diesel Pools.

And this is where I wanted to get and to emphasize upon - we need more pairs for the SPT cryptocurrency. First of all, what I am missing is the pair with DEC as we should be able to exchange between all the assets the game has to offer. This is a must without any doubt. In addition to this considering the launch of Splinterlands Art NFTs which can be purchased with SPT tokens, we need to extend the pairing with HIVE as the main cryptocurrency of this blockchain and with other NFT based platforms - and here you've got that right, I am referring to WAX where Splinterlands already has a bridge and is selling game NFTs and even packs. These are minimum pools needed for SPT in order for any gamer, collector, investor or trader could use in order to be able to move freely Splinterlands assets.

Come and fight the good fight in the Splinterlands!

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There is also SUFB:DEC

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Yeah, I didn't know what that was and if an official pool or something. Do you know more details in this regard?

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I would like to see the SPT pair: HBD in fact I would like to see many more HBD pairs.
I am now using the DEC: PIZZA which has a good incentive.
By the way I love the splinterlands image you use.


What are the rewards to staking SPS:DEC for example? I honestly can't make sense of that UI yet and figure out what it should be paying me compared to other DeFi platforms.

Would for sure be good to have pairs with SPT though that tokens been mooning! Curious what will happen once the SPS airdrop is over though.

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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

I am also kind of excited to see whether or not we get any new pair for SPT. Honestly it would be great to see it though!