Why I've double down on my DCity - DCity Report 19-Nov-2020

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If it is something clear for me in these times is the fact that it is the Year of Communities on Hive blockchain. Communities found the perfect ecosystem to express themselves and Hive is the place that gives them the freedom to grow by ensuring the right infrastructure and core values. The economics of communities have improved this year like never before and on top of that some of them bridged towards other blockchains as well.


And in these times of growing we need to make the most of it and go where the money goes - to the communities. DCity for me was a slow participation project and I didn't dive in the right way from the first time. First I bought in, didn't understand the economics, barely making few SIMs a day which didn't provide any sunshine and I've decided to exit. Only after few months from than I've come back and approached the game differently - first research the economics of the game, the strength of each card, the weakness of some other and how I can grow my city. That allowed me to get some reasonable income and the key of growth was both strategy and investments.


There was a dormant period for my city as after I've reached Top 300 getting some daily HIVE rewards and good SIM income, I felt that it was good enough. I switched my strategy and thought that it was a good idea first to recoup my 175 HIVE investment and after that grow the city from its economics. Wrong again.... thus I've decided to invest back my recouped income - 45 HIVE - and today to top up with another 125 HIVE getting the overall investment to 300 HIVE. And to be true about it and considering the depressive price of HIVE, I am feeling quite good about it and believe I am moving in the right direction.

My city is as green as can be and my buildings evolve around sports, outdoor and fresh and clean air. Continuing my strategy on this here is my latest developments:

  • Planted new Forests X 32 to allow my citizens to run and keep in shape
  • Built new Luxury Houses X 31 to be inline with the quality of life from my city
  • Reoriented some Homeless and Immigrants to other cities where they can find jobs
  • Built new Stadiums X 11 to allow the athlete from this green city to practice their sports & enjoy Splinterlands tournaments

    And an overall look with the serenity of my city.

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