Feral Spirits are awaken by the thirst for blood on the Splinterlands battlefields

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Feral Spirits are living in the space between worlds and are troubled by their cravenness as a monster and fighting as heroes for those they are loyal to. These spirits do not hunger or thirst, but their fangs still bite and their claws still slash. When summoned they strike and hardly miss which makes them the perfect weapons on the battlefields from the dangerous Splinterlands.

The battle that I am sharing with you had the mana upped for all the monsters so I needed to put a little a big of thinking when choosing and positioning the cards on the battlefield, similar to a game of chess.

  • The Furios Chicken was put on the frontline to deceive the opponents and it held the ling pretty good.
  • The Creeping Ooze was the next inline and it helped to reduce the speed of all enemy monsters while protecting the next card on the able.
  • The Feral Spirit was well protected and with its Sneak ability to target the back enemy lines, surely did its job and cleaned up any monsters that were put there as a way to protect them.
  • The Divine Healer worked the most and ensure healing the first line monster round after round. Having as well magic power he destroyed the enemy much faster as it bypassed the shield.
  • The Divine Sorceress closed the line while it ignored the first hit received. As well with the magic power and bypassing the shield of the opponents, it did some important damage.

The Feral Spirits are powerful creatures, low mana requirements and make important damage on the battlefields. A card that is a must in lower mana battles. Come invoke them on the battlefields from the Splinterlands!

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