11K SPS staked, Rental Rant and Scheming

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After taking a break from SPS staking, I recently resumed activities and so far so good, things are moving nicely.

I'm now up to 11K SPS staked. Note that when this airdrop started, my plan was to get to 10K SPS total, yet here I am, 1K above my target.

At my current rate of airdrop, I'll be adding another 1K in like 15 days or so. As the airdrop days slowly come to an end, I have to start considering certain things.

For starters, since I've already surpassed my target, everything from here is a bonus. So I need to consider the volume of SPS I'll hold liquid, so I can eventually catch price swings.

The crypto market, in general, hasn't been kind and I don't think there's any "niceness" on the horizon. So, the best you can get is a minor pump.

Anyway, my intention isn't even to actually take out profit. With prices this low, barring an emergency, there's no reason to actually pull out funds from the game.

The most likely scenario is that I'm going to convert the SPS tokens to Credits and then use the proceeds to splurge on packs.

More packs

I consider buying packs with Splinterlands tokens to be a way to diversify my earning potential in the game.

DEC and SPS have a seemingly infinite supply, particularly in the short term, so their chance of any mega pumps is very unlikely.

If I were to go buy the emission schedule alone, there will be 3 billion SPS tokens within a 65 month period. $1 SPS token will translate to $3 Billion market cap, and I kind of doubt that's happening any time soon.

So, instead of putting all my eggs into one basket, I figured that I could just move the funds into packs.

I already have 11K SPS staked and in the coming days, I'll add another 1K. Yes, it is a small amount, when you consider the hundreds of millions being distributed but that's not my business.

The point is that I need to spread the risk into other aspects of the game. Buying packs just seems like the best option.

First of all, packs contain five monsters and it is very possible to find a single monster that's multiple times more expensive than the packs.

The other part is that while there will be millions of packs, the supply is still relatively very limited when compared to other assets in the game. So getting and holding packs have a better chance of paying off in the short/medium term.

Adding packs, right now at least, also contributes favourably to the airdrop and as I mentioned, you can just open or hold beyond the airdrop.

Rentals took me back

There are few things more annoying than someone randomly cancelling a rental. Like dude, I was using that, what's the big idea?

Paying for rentals suddenly went up and I'm not going to lie, me no like it. However, a man has no choice and I'll have to seek out good deals.

Prior to the end of the season, I had to rent a level 3 Lord Arianthus to boost me up to Diamond 3, so I can receive my rewards. It costs $1 a day to rent that monster.

Why the hell will you pull out your monster some hours to the end of the season? Where's the love?

Anyway, business is business, so I get it. Perhaps there will be smart contracts or something to prevent this occurrence in the future.

My season rewards were quite crappy and the ten extra packs were just a bunch of potions. Some seasons are better than others, that's just how the game goes.

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I'm also paying attention to the second level SPS token. I believe it will be a token that will spread more and more. I also really like the Splintertalk interface, Splinterlands' social interface, which manages SPS tokens.

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I try not to remove rentals from cards unless I need to level them up. That is the rare occasion where I will pull something from someone who is using it. It will be interesting to see what happens when the airdrop stops if people suddenly pull all the liquidity they have pooled in the Tribaldex pools.

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Man it hurt. If I was away, that's how I would have missed out on ten whole extra chests.

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Wow, that does suck. It has been a struggle staying in the Diamond league towards the end of the season. I still haven't been able to push back into D I where I used to live pretty regularly a year or two ago.

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Nice SPS stack you're building here :)

With the supply schedule as is, I think we still have time to accumulate at these prices, so no need to rush.

But I'm certainly confident it will be a token worth holding in the long term.

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I hope so. Do they have plans to burn some of the supply?



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