5K Hive Power: Am I a dolphin now?

7 days ago
1 Min Read
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Ladies and gentlemen, I finally did it. I crossed the 5k Hive power threshold and I should be a Dolphin right now if I'm not mistaken. Not sure how many tokens exist and all that percentage shit, but I reckon I'm within limits of this new title.


In the general scheme of things, it doesn't actually mean much but I like titles and this right here is a title worth being proud of. Even if I'm not yet a Hive dolphin, I'm pretty close to it and that is still awesome.

My journey to Dolphindom on Hive that started on Steem has been on and off. I've had to powerdown when I didn't want to and made tough decisions that affected my curation and whatnot. For now, I'm just happy I got to this level. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone that curated and supported my content through the years.

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