A little investment could take you far

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For a seasoned investor with a fat stack of money to lose or gain, looking at the APR, APY or ROI is very important. When the stakes are high, I can totally understand why certain metrics are important but when the stakes are low or almost non-existent, I think those things shouldn't matter.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying metrics don't matter because we don't have a lot of money at our disposal. I'm saying that considering the fact that we're not risking so much, should we really concern ourselves with it?

Focus matters more

My crypto journey started through blogging and I was able to grow my account every day in the past almost 4 years since I started this journey. It has been a very exciting, and scary journey sometimes but one that I'm generally proud of.

This morning while performing some transactions in my Rabona team, I was impressed by how much growth that my team has experienced. Thanks to this team, I also receive weekly income in Hive and while it's not much, over the past 52 seasons, it's safe to say that it's many folds greater than my initial investment.

What I've learned during my time on Hive is that if you don't have a lot of money to blow, then you have to think long-term. However, you also have to be willing to put in work to actually enjoy the fruits of your investment.

Just like Rabona, I also made a small investment into my Splinterlands deck. I made some profit back then but it didn't pay dividends until the SPS airdrop was announced this year.

Long before the airdrop though, I was also accumulating reward cards by constantly doing my daily quests. I've missed only four days since I started playing the game in February last year.

Now, assuming I was rich, I'd probably spend less time playing and just focus on flipping cards. However, I don't have that kind of money, so I have to grind every single day to pull out something for myself.

Throughout this process, I never even bothered to calculate ROI percentages and all that stuff. I never do because it feels pointless to me. I just know I'll make a profit in my endeavors because I never stop grinding.

Long term and Effort

There's no way around it and there's no shortcut to it, you have to stay the course and work towards growth. Initially, there's really no point in setting goals, just stay focused on growth.

When you've developed the right work ethic, and some flow, you can then start projecting what may or may not happen.

The key to all this is to ensure you focus on long-term investments, rather than short-term stuff. For example, I spent about $100 worth of Hive to buy Untamed packs in the past. I didn't check any ROI or look at the data, I just bought the packs with funds I earned from blogging.

I used the monsters inside to battle my ass off and accumulated more DEC, as well as reward cards. Again, I never checked the ROI, APR, or any metric, I just kept my head down and slugged it out.

Right now, I'm in a better financial position but I'm doing the same thing with vouchers and Chaos Legion Packs. I don't know what the APR, ROI, or any of that will be but I know when those monsters come around, I'll put them to work in battles.

I also know that it will take some time before I even make a profit from the purchases but I don't mind because I'll also put them to work. I'm ready to wait for a while and not bothered about instant money because I'm not rich and that luxury is for people who already have a lot of money.

I dream big but not too big

I have big dreams of being rich, retiring early and all that stuff but I don't think it's going to fall on my lap. It's going to take years of grinding and growth to achieve that.

So, when I go into an investment, especially with my limited resources, I like looking at projects that I can work with. That's probably why I like investing in Hive-based projects.

On Hive, you invest in a project like Splintertalk through staking the tokens but then, you also write content on the platform for post rewards and curate as well. So, assuming you don't have a lot of funds, you just keep working towards growing your stake.

Thanks to numerous investments in Hive platforms, I tend to stay grounded in everything I do. I don't expect instant and high-paying returns, so I just keep going, regardless of the situation.

Over the years, I'm sure I've lost in some investments like Stem tokens and a couple of others but overall I'm net positive because I never stop grinding. As long as you don't stop grinding, your big dreams are achievable, all you need is a ladder made of smaller wins to get there.

It's possible to turn your tiny investment into your source of livelihood and power your dreams. All you have to do is stay the course, add value, focus on growth, and in the long run, you'll find yourself in a much better position.

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Had my first Rabona payout recently and it was pretty great especially since I was doing something I loved.

Been trying to also invest more but my head always gets jumbled up but I am learning and this taught me a lot.


Slow and steady, God to see you are building your portfolio and is good to learn from you brother

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Investment is very important to everyone only if you have the patience

7 mo

I have $25 in Shiba and 397k coins, lets goo!! :P




Totally agree with you here. When you invest a little there's no need to look at ROI immediately. That time is better used to grind towards your goals.
The little money you put in is like fuel in a car that will take you somewhere.


Sound interesting, this time it's too difficult to put some skin in the game due to high valuation of in game assets. Earlier commer and believer get rewarded most.


Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121