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I've been away from my home zone for a little more than two months. I travelled for the holidays and also to make preparations for my wedding.

Going down south for the holiday was fine and all since I got to spend time with my family but it was also kind of expensive since my productivity was crippled due to lack of electricity, time, space and generally, poor working conditions.

I tried to make the best out of the situation by creating a substitute workspace but it never felt like mine. Now I'm back to Kaduna, and in my private space, I'll resume doing the things I love most in a slightly better space.

The ultimate goal is still to exit this country with my wife but for now, I focus on building. I'll be focused on accumulating coins as usual and hodling for good deals in the market.

I'm also going to put extra effort into getting writing gigs through Upwork to augment my earnings. I'm going to continue doing what I like doing and then throw in some academic work in the midst.

So it is back to the office for me and more time to consume all the juicy information on Hive. I've missed a lot of the fun stuff going on around here and I'll have to do some catching up. Afterwards, it is back to the status quo and stacking even more than I used to.

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