Buying and staking Stem

11 days ago
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STEMGeeks is a Hive front-end that focuses on science, technology, engineering and maths. The publications in the front-end also cover related fields like philosophy, astrology, social sciences and crypto education, since the latter is technically under technology anyway.

STEM tokens are earned from upvotes and stuff on the front-end. I feel it is only right I get involved with STEM because I'm in the Engineering field. This interest, coupled with the fact that I intend to get my dad involved since he's a microbiologist and loves academia led me to buy a few thousand tokens. Actually, I sort of stole the idea from @forexbrokr

I bought 6041 STEM tokens to be precise and staked them all. I'll be doing a lot of manual curation on STEM henceforth. I'm not sure if the curation curve thingy still exists on that front-end; if it does, I'll probably "lose" a bit in terms of curation but for me, it is about appreciating authors than the rewards.

With that said, I'd love to join a curation trail that supports authors making great content and maximise my earnings if possible.

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