Can you afford the Waka Spiritblade?

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So the official word is out and just as expected, the Waka Spiritblade is going to strain your wallet. Getting this monster will be huge for anybody's deck, so I can understand why it is priced as high as it is.

Yesterday, the Splinterlands account discussed a couple of topics concerning the summoner. For the price of the token, we have official word that each unit of the monster will cost 5000 SPS and 500 vouchers.

The price of the Promo summoner will be paid in SPS and vouchers combined. Considering that it is priced in both tokens, the market value of either token will not influence the volume of each token to be paid.

Since the announcement, the market value of both vouchers and SPS tokens have risen. Voucher currently trades at $2.5, while SPS is a little bit higher than 15 cents.

I don't expect the price of either token to experience any dramatic rise before the sales. Big players will want to get their hands on tokens before the launch of the summoner but considering each token is mined every day and there is still 8 days, I reckon that will be enough time.

For the 500 Waka summoners that will be on Hive, there will be need for 2.5m SPS and 250K voucher tokens. At the current price, that amounts to roughly $1m worth of both tokens to buy all the available waka summoners.

Let's face it, the recent pace of purchases proves that $1m worth of an asset will be gobbled up in minutes. In the first couple of hours of the Chaos Legion general sale, we saw how things got crazy, so I reckon it will be the same with this summoner.

Honestly, I don't think that having the required sum will be enough for you to get the summoner. You could do everything right but still not get it because of the rush.

In any case, at the current price of both tokens, each unit of the Waka summoner will be around $2k. No matter how awesome a monster is, that is quite the price to pay.

Of course, when you consider the fact that it will be coming fully maxed out, you can understand why it is priced so high. In fact, when you compare it to other summoners right now, you'll find that it's not even the most expensive.

Assuming we were to divide the dollar valuation at the current price of both token with the total number of monsters required to max out a legendary card(11), each monster is printed at about $181-$185 per unit.

At this price, it will undoubtedly be the most expensive summoner from the new set of monsters with smaller collection power but it will not even be scratching the top of the overall list, in terms of summoner price.

In fact, at this minting price, the maxed-out Waka flaka summoner will be the 16th most expensive summoner in the game and the 29th most expensive monster overall. It is even behind Alpha version of Alric Stormbringer in the price rating.

What I'm trying to say is that the Waka Spiritblade looks expensive on paper, which is a truth on its own but relative to what is in the Splinterlands market, it is just one amongst the big names.

I definitely can't afford this monster, so I will not be trying to buy it. However, I will be keeping my eyes on the rental market for any cheap deal I can find.

This monster has the capacity to completely upgrade your squad you take into battles. I will pay whatever it takes to add it to my squad and beat up everyone I come across.

How much will the rental cost? I can't say but expect it to be in the top 30 most expensive monsters to rent. I hope I'll be able to afford it and if I do, I hope I'll spend enough time in the game to profit from the investment.

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Very true that 5K SPS and 500 vouchers will be too much for common gamers and only few whales can afford it and even if we somehow gather the required SPS and vouchers, we may still end up not having one as there is no guarantee.

I would rather invest the SPS into Chaos Legion packs to max out some of my cards and summoners and try to reach Champions leagues.

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yeah if I had that kind of money laying around, I will use it for the same purpose. WHales won't mind though, they're already playing in Champions league



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If at first you don't succeed...
... sky diving is not for you!

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Ill probably get him if vouchers stay under 3USD. If they go over ill sell my vouchers instead.
Im just concerned that it might not be that great of a card.


I think it's going to be very awesome tbh. It will be really wicked in back to basics battles.

I only have like 18 vouchers now. If they really pump hard, I might sell too.


I just want to get one vaucher if I can lol 😂
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This is very a good card and I love the fact that is first of it kind. I’m not selling vouchers anymore it show how important it will be at the long run.

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This promotion is interesting on many levels (and I don't think I am the biggest fan), but it definitely helped show that listening to the team does a lot - they said you need Vouchers; and Vouchers were needed. Whoever listened got a nice flip opportunity to 2,5x whatever they invested.

On Waka's strength, I think it is a fairly weak summoner. In high mana battles it is way weaker than more expensive summoners, while in low-mana battles the game ends fast enough that Poison might either not get applied at all, or simply get one tick off - which isn't that great. Taunt units also counter it quite hard.



Interesting point. I'm fascinated to see how it functions in gameplay tbh. There are way too many variables to consider right now. I mean, in mid-range battles 27-40 mana cap, it could also be a game-changer.

It can also be devastating if used in back to basics. Also, Melee mayhem ruleset might also favour this summoner. We'll see how it goes though.

It is an ambitious move tbh. When my friend that doesn't know anything about SPlinterlands saw it on whatsapp he said "Another celeb trying to scam a cryto community" or something like that. We'll see how it goes though


I am glad to see they do a lot to try and market the game - but the Promo card is very disconnected from what they want the promo itself to achieve (extreme exclusivity + only max level vs getting new players) and lately celeb crypto promotions are getting huge backlash all around.

As for Waka, yeah it seems very situational, great to have, but luckily not powerful enough for those who are missing him to feel awful - just like it should be with such an exclusive card in a game that wants to be competitive.


Yeah you make some fine points.

I'll try renting it for a couple of days, to see how it goes. If i don't feel it, I'll cancel but if I do, I'll extend it for like 6 months.


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nope, I'm selling my vouchers :D


Haha. How many vouchers you got?


unfortunately I sold like 50 at 1 Hive. But I still get a few every day


Nice. I get like 0.8 voucher per day, so I don't have much to sell.

1 yr

Wow, that is pretty steep. I could handle the SPS for one of them but the vouchers are what would kill me. Not sure it is worth it for me.

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sorry i didn't understand well how much will cost 1 card of this waka summoner?


Each card will cost 5000Sps and 500 voucher


Woh! unfortunately I can't, it's a high price for me. Thanks for reply