Hive-engine discounts: POSH, SPS and LVL

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I'm always open to adding to my collection of tokens on Hive. Some of the tokens are from fully functional projects while others are in development.

The beautiful thing about a lot of hive tokens right now, in particular, is that they're all dirt cheap these days. All you need is a couple of hundreds of dollars to become a mega whale.

Honestly speaking, if I had a couple hundred of dollars just laying around, I'd probably buy up tons of most tokens on Hive-engine and then just wait it out. Whatever requires staking will get staked and I could eventually be the sugar daddy on that platform.

Sadly, I'm very poor these days and that hasn't let me invest in anything. My post rewards have also taken a turn for the worse and despite my efforts, there doesn't seem to be any hope in sight.

Unlike previous months of less bearish situation, I often had a decent amount of spare cash to burn and just throw at random projects in Hive. Things are different now.

So with the very limited funds at my disposal, I went into the token market to scoop up some cheap tokens and bolster my collection for the future. Here's what I managed to add or will be adding;

Juicy SPS

Virtually everything is taking a beating in the market these days, and SPS token is not left out. An asset that has the potential of trading at $1 is currently trading well below 10 cents.

At the current price of 5.6 cents, all it takes is an investment of $56 to get 1K tokens. In the general scheme of things, that's not a lot of money but right now, that's plenty.

I've had my SPS tokens staked for a while now, and it has been earning more SPS yield that has largely been restaked.

After my recent purchase of SPS through Tribal dex, the total staked tokens in my collection rose to just a bit above 16K tokens.

With the airdrop slowly coming to an end, I suspect that SPS might still experience a minor surge in price. It might not be anything collosal but if you're a trade swinger, you could squeeze something out.

Personally, I intend to leave my SPS staked until further notice. I'll just continue printing more tokens through staking and taking it easy until something serious happens.

POSH is interesting

POSH token is one of the interesting projects on hive. The token represents proof of share, and all you need to do is connect your Twitter account to your Hive account through the HivePosh website.

I've been with the project since the beginning, and since I spend a decent amount of time on Twitter, it has helped me accumulate a decent chunk of tokens.

At the time of writing, I'm somewhere in the top 12 of POSH token holders. However, I'm not exactly satisfied with my current holding.

A big part of my hive based investment choices is often based on the quality of the head behind the project. As you may or may not know, POSH is the brain child of @ocdb community lead by none other than @acidyo, so that gives me confidence.

I've heard whispers about a project emanating in the background, with "POSH NFTS" and stuff like that bandied about.

All I know is that I want to be a part of whatever comes after and so I need to get more POSH. Obviously, being poor doesn't help my cause but that notwithstanding, I still put in a small buy order for Posh tokens and will be adding more to my collection whenever life permits.

Had to LVL up

Last and not the least on the list, we have LVL tokens from PsyberX. I've mentioned it so often that immediately I type LVL my keyboard suggests PsyberX.

One of my targets has been to get up to 200K tokens and be eligible for the crate airdrop. I'm pleased to say that I'm one step closer to that goal.

I recently added a further 68K tokens to my collection, getting my total holding to 168K LVL tokens. All things being equal, I should be reaching my goal before the end of the month.

PsyberX is the only investment of the lot that is from a project that isn't fully functional. However, I must say that I think it is going to be huge.

In any case, I'm gambling with funds that I can afford to lose, even though it'll hurt if the project goes tits up. I intend to accumulate a decent chunk of LVL tokens before the full release of the game.

Tokens Tokens Tokens

On top of these ones, I'm also still accumulating and staking as much Leo, POB, VYB, CTP, and Neoxian as I can.

Bar Leo token, I've not actually entered the market to buy any of these tokens. In a different times I probably would have but now I'm just too damn poor to be risking it.

In any case, I'll keep my head on the swivel and try my best to pounce on any opportunity that presents itself.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. Do your own research and only trade with what you can afford to lose.

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é tempo de acumular e montar nossa posição em nossos tokens favoritos.
Obrigado por compartilhar.


Thank you for your hard work as a curator. !1UP


Love this gif haha thanks...


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Collecting LEO, SPS & DEC is the way I pile up valuable tokens on several accounts. Everything is quite cheap and juicy in Hive-Engine 🤩

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Very nice. I've cooled my interest in DEC but I stack a little through ranked battles

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FWIW and something many have accused me of in chats or dms, the only airdrop I got from POSH has been something like 1600 tokens when it went live. I haven't given myself a premine or anything which looking at the richlist would make you think. I'm not sure the amount of Hive I've put into it but I kept buying tokens so they would have some value for those sharing who wanted to earn Hive to trade their posh to.

Over time I decided that it would probably be best to change things around a bit and I then started the delegation to earn scheme of POSH where instead of just giving 500 tokens daily to sharers it would give 20% of them to delegators. This helped those who wanted to get invested to earn some daily because the markets were always illiquid on the sell side so if you weren't checking daily to add some buy orders you most likely never were able to buy a bigger bag in one go (as shown by some tweets where I only spent 30 hive to pump the price by 200k %).

Then later I decided to also vote up the daily posts a bit more so the poshtoken account could become selfsufficient and remain "community funded" where it can afford to hire and pay devs, artists, etc, so the project can grow over time to do more things while most of the value would still go to holders and sharers. I trust that people trust that I wouldn't do anything stupid with the amount it is collecting and receiving from the rewardpool because like most hivers who do well here our reputation matters way more than a few thousand $.

That being said, if something were to happen, either to me or to the project where it would not continue to evolve or grow and the funds wouldn't be needed. It would either give everyone a chance to sell their holdings onto the hive and hbd it holds, or just directly send everything to the DHF, whatever the community deems fair. I'd even consider just holding the amount of tokens I've bought up and sink with the ship because I feel the effects it may have had towards traffic on our frontends may have been worth whatever Hive I've put into it to keep the price something worth sharing and incentivizing others to.

So yeah, invest at your own risk but be aware that the risk may not be that high if push comes to shove, there may be a "bail out" if you will or the project may just end up sucking and no one caring about future additions.

Best case would be if hive took a serious turn and it allowed poshtoken to do a lot more cool things by hiring more devs to work towards it, or if more people delegated and placed some serious buy orders and held the tokens. In general it is quite a decent token with upside potention since a lot of it has already been burned from supply cause many still to this day share posts properly to be eligible for POSH earnings but are not registered and more and more people are starting to share thus the daily reward is getting diluted and making it harder for people to earn as much as they did maybe a year ago. Who knows when a big influencer were to join and start earning 50% daily cause he gets 1k likes per tweet or something like that. On top of that poshtoken is also buying back a lot of tokens to reward NFT holders in the future in a form of staking, these will be tokens that have been bought up going back to holders rather than just issuance of new tokens so for holders who continue holding it will mean even less sell pressure in the markets.

Anyway, comment got way longer than anticipated, should've just made a post. :p

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8d (edited)

Actually glad that you published a long and elaborate comment tbh. Other readers that see it will gain some insight into the POSH project for themselves and whatever misconstrued views they have would be ironed out in the process.

People are weird sometimes. You've earned exactly 728.27666038 POSH tokens, not even in the top 20, so it is clear there's no preferential treatment by the system. All this information is literally just there, available for anyone to see.

Personally, I like the idea behind POSH. It is one of the main reasons I decided to get active on Twitter.

Your reputation is a big factor behind my desire to get more tokens and just pile them up for the future. I'll just keep placing buy orders until I climb up to the top of the rich list and become a POSH sugar daddy lol.

I like the evolving hive-based value accrual mechanism. In fact, other than your reputation, knowing that the team behind the project intend to continue building around a token is a total green flag for me as well.

In any case, I think, just like BRO, POSH could derive value through a variety of revenue sources on hive and beyond. Our only limitation is our imagination and whatever magic our devs can conjure.

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Moon boy LVL!!!!


Ya know!!!

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Discounts in terms of FIAT for sure if you can transfer it in. For myself though I'm stacking the hive I'm getting at these prices. But I will be investing fiat into a number of these tokens moving forward.

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Nice. Look out for LVL, I have a good feeling about it. I hope I'm not wrong

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I think this post is very interesting, even I had thought about buying something on Hive Engine, I would say that we completely agree on buying SPS tokens... I think that I will choose to buy more LEO too


Leo, nice, it is a solid project

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thank you for your answer and for giving me your opinion. the final decision then whether or not to invest in this LEO token will be entirely mine. from now on I will start using Leofinance more and more


SPS for 1 buck sounds very tempting, I hope it will be)

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The future is bright for all the tokens you mentioned.

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