How many Rift Watcher Gems will you open?

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The sale of the new collection of Splinterlands monsters is officially live and pack sales have been pretty consistent with the times. A fast start in the presale round has morphed into a slow rate and to be fair to Splinterlands, it is safe to say that this was expected.

The Rift Watcher Gems is yet another pack of monsters with unique abilities that will undoubtedly boost the battle proficiency of your deck. The question is, how excited are you about this collection and how many of them will you be opening?

Lately, I've completely moved over to the rental side of life and while things have been slow, I'm just exploring to see if it is better than leasing them to my friend. At the end of a 2-week period, I'll make an inference and then decide whether to continue renting them out or put them back into ranked battles.

From a personal point of view, I actually really miss participating in ranked battles. Unfortunately, my deck still hasn't gotten to the right competitive level I hoped for, so I'm not yet battling.

To be competitive, there's a handful of monsters at certain levels that I deem must-haves to participate at the level I want to. Some of them include Level 2 Cornealus, level 6 Gelatinous Cube, level 6 Serpentine Spy and a couple of other monsters from previous collections.

Back to gems

Anyway, we have had some teasers about incoming monsters and their unique features look like they'll fit right into almost every deck.

I previously planned to hodl the gems until they become super expensive in the future but I'll worry about that later. For now, I'm interested in growing my collection and while using packs doesn't always bring value for money, it is possible to stumble into some impressive monsters in the process.

At the time of writing, I have 122 Rift Watcher gems in my collection and I feel like adding a coupe of more. I have 31 vouchers just waiting to be used to buy gems but with my limited supply of SPS, it will not be wise to risk it all on packs.

When you think about it, I could actually get these same packs for a lot less than the in-game rate through the secondary market on Hive-engine. Naturally, the ones I get there won't count towards any airdrop or benefit that in-game gems get but overall, I'll probably get some value.

The way I see it, since my plan is to open the gems, I might as well just buy them for as cheap as possible.

Then again, when the monsters from gems actually hit the ground, I could end up just buying specific monsters for cheap, since the plan from the beginning has always been to improve the battle proficiency of my deck.

At the end of the day, there will be more information about the monsters in this collection and I'll be able to decide my next step. One thing for sure is that I'll definitely be adding upgrades from Rift Watcher gems into my collection.

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None cus' of the voucher block, as a newbie I couldn't nab any haha, waiting on official release!




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I got 60 packs and I don't know if it will be enough but I will buy more pack as time progresses

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