Is something wrong with Andrei Jikh's crypto portfolio?

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Crypto and stock trading are parallels that have existed in their sphere. The distinction between both exists for a multitude of reasons that include regulations. However, in recent times, we've noticed that people like Andrei Jikh are moving from the largely regulated stock market into crypto trading.


Andrei Jikh is a Youtube that's worth over $3m and in the past, he focused most of his content on stocks. However, in recent times, he's made the switch to crypto trading.

Why crypto?

Well, the question is, why not? I mean, this is literally where the party's at these days and as an influencer, Andrei knows the importance of riding the wave of the moment.

He does include a caveat that one should only allow 10% of their portfolio in crypto but I doubt he's actually obeying that rule.

Crypto has attracted a lot of interest from various types of investors. The market is still young but its absorbent properties are quite frankly immense.

Interestingly, Andrei's portfolio doesn't include any "dividend-paying" crypto. In crypto, it goes by many names; inflation, staking rewards, and many others.

Then again, this is under the assumption that he's not mining any of the assets he holds in his portfolio. However, cryptocurrencies offer ease of access that stocks unfortunately do not offer.

When it comes to timing the market to take out profit, cryptocurrencies offer a very simple route. Stocks, on the other hand, experience timing issues that limit derivable profit.


Also, while cryptocurrencies have recently been getting the attention of various governments, it is still a largely unregulated market. compared to stocks, there are fewer hurdles in accessing cryptocurrencies.

SO, on one side, it might mean that the crypto market is riskier, especially for new investors. Andrei also realizes that this higher risk translates to higher rewards.

If you think about it, the crypto market is a purely international market and regardless of your location, you can access these digital assets. So, with this premise, it's safe to assume that inhibitors of growth are fewer.

Also, unlike the regulated stock market, the cryptocurrency market has no ceiling. The market has experienced an exponential rise to prominence and while this also means that the fall will be exponential if you look at it from a glass half full perspective, it looks promising.

Final thoughts

Moving away from stocks to crypto is a trend that will become very common. However, while I do think it is a good move, I don't think it's advisable to move out of stocks entirely.

Also, if you're moving away from dividend-paying stocks, why don't you do more research and just try out dividend-paying Defi platforms instead? His portfolio seems poorly researched, and includes some pointless assets that don't align with his idea of "slow and steady" dividend.

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