Maximising Hive-engine earning

10 days ago
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Curating on Hive-engine has been my main hustle in recent times. I like the idea of supporting authors and playing my part in token distribution. However, my effort to get the most from my staked tokens has been affected by my limited voting power cut across my two alts.


Owing to this little issue, I'll be getting a few more alt accounts that I will use to improve my curation earning. So far so good, I've been able to spread all my earnings from Hive-engine related projects into the system.

I'm always looking out for projects with potential and that's why I bought a reasonable amount of Leo, Stem, SPT, Sports, Neoxag and PAL tokens. I also earn DEC from Splinterland ranked battles and all that goes straight back into the system for more curation.

I'm trying to focus more on growing the system than taking out of it. Thus, I'm doing a lot more staking and curation. With a better curation plan and some shrewd buys, I think my Hive-Engine earnings will turn out to be my main source of revenue in the long run.

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