Multichain farming like on will soon be a normal thing

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Ever since Cubfinance came into my life, I've been clicking around Binance and Ethereum, looking for farms that I could maximize my profit from. I use Cub as my entrance and then intend to flip the profit for even more farmed tokens on platforms that I have less trust for.


One of those platforms is Harvest Finance, a liquidity farming thingy that I ran into on Publish0x. I actually participated in a writing contest there and learnt a thing or two about the platform.

The project is focused on reducing access to DeFi applications by melting the cost of transactions. The details are foggy but I know there's a mechanism that's geared towards reducing the gas fees on Ethereum.

Well, realising that Ethereum is quite frankly shitty, they've now branched out to Binance smart chain because that's where all the cool kids are. Their Ethereum mining operation is still live though.

I saw this post about the development and it sort of reminds me of Leobridge and the importance of this product in the general scheme of things.

There's been talk about Leobridge going live with the development team announcing the announcement of the announcement in the usual fashion and updating the roadmap from "soon" to "very soon". This development is very exciting and will come in handy in the future when multichain farming becomes a normal thing.

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