My deck is top 20 in Silver league

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After months of accumulating, I have five summoners across the elements and only rent a dragon summoner. Other than the dragon summoner, I currently rent a Cornealus and a screaming Banshee.

My purchases has enabled me to cut down the recurrent expenditure in Splinterlands and focus on slowly building my deck. I'm still some distance away from my short term goal of brawling in the gold league but I'm starting to feel confident.

Last season, despite being very underdressed, I spent the last two days in the Gold league and to my surprise, I actually pulled off some victories. I actually thought I'd be overwhelmed by the quality of monsters in that cadre but things didn't pan out that way.

In any case, I'm still not at the level to compete in Gold league and getting there will require a small investment that is beyond me. Perhaps, a miracle of some sort could aid my cause but I'm honestly not holding on to any pipe dream and just taking it one day at a time.

Silver domination

It has been a dream to achieve this and while it hurts that I'll be migrating to the Gold league at the end of the season, I'm pleased to say that I broke into the top 20 Silver ranking. I'm currently sitting in the 14th position and looking to climb higher.

For the past couple of seasons, I have migrated to Gold league at the end of the season and I reckon it'll be the same at the end of the season. I must say, I am tempted to stick with the Silver league to the end but that would mean missing out on grinding for Gold chests next season.

I try not to be too rigid, so if I manage to be in the top 5 in the last couple of hours of the season, I will stay in Silver league and take the DEC. However, if I'm outside of the top 5, then I'll just migrate to Gold league as usual.

For me, the most important thing is knowing that I have built a formidable deck that can break into the top 20 of a very competitive Silver league. In fact, my deck has shown to be quite capable of brawling in the Gold leagues, earning a mix bag of results but still end up climbing up the ranks at the end of the day.

Moving away from rental is too expensive for now

I'm $228 away from completely moving away from rentals. That's a sum that could have been easily pulled out in the past but I don't have to tell you how bad the crypto market has been.

There's also the fact that I'm currently in survival mode and every dollar I earn these days goes towards sustenance. Hell, what I currently earn from my crypto activities is significantly lower than what I require for sustenance, so I have made budget cuts and lifestyle tweaks to accommodate the situation.

Overall, I'm not mad. I wish things were better but life and the crypto market had other plans. It'll take a while to remedy the level of carnage that the market has experienced, so I'm not exactly holding my breath.

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