POSH token, Cine token and big expectations

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I've been excited about the chaos legion general sale ever since I heard about it. I woke up this morning and it feels like Christmas.

I don't think I've felt this level of excitement since the SPS airdrop started so many weeks ago. This is completely different though because I'm the one spending money and not getting paid.

A big part of the reason why I'm excited about this move is that I'm very optimistic about what will come out of this move. If everything goes according to plan, I will end up in a much better financial position.

By my standards, I also have a decent amount of money riding on this move. So, I can't help but be optimistic about it.

Yes I know I should be cautious with my optimism because it is the crypto market but I just can't. I feel like regardless of what happens today, I'm going to find myself in a much better position at the end of the day.

Anyway, in roughly 7 hours, the general sale will commence and I'm pleased to say that I've been at least able to put together the $1k worth of credit that I need to initially buy 250 packs. The remaining 750 packs will come along the way.

I believe I will definitely be able to buy 300 packs before the end of the first 24 hours of the general sale though.

Pack opening and giveaway

I also have over 500 alchemy and legendary potions respectively. So, based on the number of potions, I'll be opening upwards of 100 packs today.

I'll do a recording of my pack opening and will also give away some of the monsters I find. I'll just select random names from the comments on my next post, so to participate, all you have to do is drop a meaningful comment on my next post.

There's a rush of blood that opening packs give me. Maybe it is the mystery/uncertainty of what could come out. Perhaps it is the suspense or that sexy sound the game makes when e legendary card vibrates and then it turns out to be gold foil and just completely rock your world.

Whatever the reason, I am excited about opening at least 100 packs today. If my luck shines, I'll be definitely pulling out some profit and then reinvesting it into more packs. The goal is to open 500 packs during the general sale.

What's POSHING chaps?

I visit hive-engine every day to see what is going on in the token market. I like to spot pumps before they happen and act accordingly.

Other times, I just want to be in the know, so I look out for publications about tokens that might be beneficial to me.

The latest token to experience a surge in price is POSH token. Based on the dollar value of the tokens in my wallet, the token value has risen to a decent level.

The reason for this rise is mostly due to the buyback program that started. If you follow @acidyo on Twitter, you would have seen his tweets about the project.

In this thread, he talks about buying Posh tokens with all the hive earned from curation, delegation and stuff like that. He also talked about another project called Posh pets.

If you weren't earning POSH tokens before, this might be a good time to look into it. It's a project that incentivises sharing Hive content on Twitter and invariably, marketing the front-ends on Hive.

Anyway, POSH tokens that I earned from sharing content on Twitter jumped by an astonishing 399%. That is a very incredible move and one that I suspect is sustainable.

Normally, I'd take profit but I don't have so many tokens at the moment and also because I have a good feeling about the token. There are future plans to add use-case to the token, and with a solid project like OCD backing it, my gut tells me that hodling and staking, if that ever becomes an option, is something I'll do.

What other token is popping?

Many projects seem to be doubling up on their effort this period. Other than POSH token, I also saw a tweet from @raymondspeaks where he talked about acquiring 50k Hive for the CineTV project.

Prior to tweeting about the 50k Hive, Raymond also mentioned that Cine tokens now has a diesel pool. I'm not saying the 50k hive is connected to the pool but I'm not saying it isn't either.


I don't write movie reviews as much as I used to but I read them from time to time, when I want to decide which movie I'll watch. So I have interest in CineTV. Unfortunately, the token is very scarce, so your best bet is through publishing or hardcore curation.

If you watch movies, well you might as well write a review of the movie and share it on cine to earn from it. That is a win-win in my book.

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I don't know,
looks like gambling in my opinion... 🤠


Fair point but really, everything in life is a gamble


Of course it is
the best example is up here!
Your comment gets $0.68 but my own gets $0.00.

And in real life it's the same
if you were born into a rich house with fewer problems
or if you were born into a poor family, it's a gamble!

And if you get rich or you're poor for life
with many problems it is a gamble
but happiness and the right people for it
is not a game of chance, it is also up to you! 👀🧠


Fair point but all that is dependent on your experiences in life, and people you meet as well.


Thank you and yes, the youth do not understand this point.
Money can give you a carefree life, but not a happy one,
There is a big difference between these two points... 🤔


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5 mo (edited)

POSH alpha is juicy. I think people aren't even paying attention to the recent updates so I'm just stacking and chillin' over here.

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Same here. Love that it is under the radar for now. I don't think it will be that way for long though.


Not only did Ray secure a delegation of 50k Hive power but the team is working hard behind the scenes to revamp CineTV as well :) Worth to keep a close eye on :)


Yeah. I'll be delving into the LP as well. Nice opportunity to get my hands on a decent amount of Cine tokens without the stress of filling all those plenty orders on Leodex/hive-engie


Great news and glad to see Hive second layer tokens improve and get more value from new use cases. POSH tokens will start to show their value and CINE who knows, great potential.


Some exciting news I must say. I hope the token value start to reflect the development


so you earn Posh from sharing work on Twitter? So why am I poor on Posh and not driving a Porsche


We are all waiting for Splinterlands Bro in some hours.
Will definitely tune in to see what you will get from 100 packs opening.


I thought I was up to date for CINE ! I didn't heard of that diesel pool ! I'm going to put some LP for sure ! !PIZZA



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I will be there and one more thing if you have the chance just drop your zoom link let me come on live with you, 😉😉 am so excited too. let both burn money today. and make some in the process. I will call this "THE DOUBLE BANG".


I write from time to time a review about series, maybe the time has come to publish some more.


It's pretty cool that acid is doing that themselves and providing value to the social share token. We need more of that type of thing going on around here where value continues to thrive.

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