Psyber X sounds more exciting every time I hear about it

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Yesterday, @psyberx released the whitepaper of the project. In the publication, they revealed a couple of extra details about the game that the general public didn't know about.

After reading the whitepaper, I got a little bit more interested in the project. The whitepaper highlighted numerous aspects of the game and what to expect in the coming months.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that the game is going to be a massive multiplayer online role player game. These days, virtually every first player shooter game kind of takes this form.

After the beta stage of testing that will most likely be next year, the game is going to be free to play. However, just like SPlinterlands, players will need to buy LVL from the open market that enables them to make in-game purchases.

One of the in-game tokens will be life that enables players to participate in ranked battles that enables you to earn. The player with the kill shot will earn LVL token, so you better sharpen your aim.

There will also be tournaments and numerous ways to earn from the game. Players will also have the opportunity to earn other tokens outside the game, depending on who sponsors the tournament.

We already know that Hive blockchain is going to power the game. We also already know about the 200K LVL token benefit.

We also know that 500 million tokens were minted at creation and a total of 250 million was released to the open market. 100 million tokens will be held in the game as a reserve and the remaining 150 million LVL tokens will be used for future developments.

In the publication of the whitepaper, I enquired if the transactions concerning the remaining 250 million tokens will be conducted in a transparent manner but I haven't gotten a response yet. I just want to find out if there will be some type of governance voting mechanism with the token in the future.

I also don't want a situation where the original project dumps tokens on the community. However, my gut tells me that won't happen because of the level of ambition that this project is showing.

Anyway, something else that we may or may not know about is the fact that the marketplace is going to be released in Q1 of this year. In the marketplace, interested players will be able to access numerous in-game assets.

Transactions on the marketplace will cost a 5% fee but the word is that it could be adjusted in the future. I suspect that depending on the success of the game, there will also be other marketplaces in the same way we have Peakmonsters for Splinterlands.

Some thoughts

Despite my numerous exertions, I've been able to accumulate almost 30K LVL tokens and my plan is to keep going until I get to 200K. I'll just keep stacking one day at a time.

Something that is interesting about this game is the emphasis on the quality of the product, rather than focusing on the token. Yeah, it is built on a blockchain, so tokens matter but the token value, regardless of the market value, will not affect the quality of the game.

At the end of the day, what we need is a solid game that will be able to compete favourably with the available games of the same category.

Speaking of competition with the rest, I also wonder what the specs/computer requirement the game will demand. Based on the description of the game, I can't help but feel like it will be something powerful, so I'd like to know on time, so I can make the necessary preparation, which may include getting a decent gaming laptop with proper graphics card.

So, are you excited about Psyber X? Are you sharpening your aim? If you are going to be playing, I look forward to meeting and maybe blowing your head off on the battlefield. We're friends here but in Psyber X, we might be opponents and I take no prisoners when I'm trying to LVL up.

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Really exciting


Psyber X is a game blockchain based?


The name itself is so cool. It gives me a feeling of the future. 🤑😂

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