Publish0x Stats: Over 2k views in one week, earning, and topics of interest

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I do a lot of crossposting, and while I like Leofinance to be the first place I post and increase the ad revenue here, I'm also trying to grow my audience on other platforms. Publish0x is one of those platforms and around there, you earn BAT, Ethereum and a few other tokens from tips that are in the reward pool.


Unlike Hive, publish0x is centralised and while it may not sit well with hive ethos, it is still a really decent place to publish. In fact, I seem to be getting quite a lot of views lately, and while I don't trust the veracity of the numbers, I think it is kind of good. Here are the numbers from my last 5 posts on the blogging front end






I had a total of 1472 views and counting from my five most recent posts. The good part is that these numbers have been somewhat consistent, outside of the top 5 posts. In fact, it is safe to say that there's no recency bias right now.

Take this post for example where I was shilling Leo to the publish0x community that got 123 views. Considering Leo not being a very popular topic in the World right now, getting 123 views was not so bad.

However, the word "Scam" seemed to bring more people to posts, because the number of views from this post was even more unusual. I guess nobody likes to be scammed but everybody wants to know the scam.


Again, you can see the difference in the number of views, as this post is a shilling post. The number of views is probably this high because of the title. Gives me a few ideas.

But I saved the last for the best, as this post alone gets over 1500 views. I think a combination of factors led to the popularity of this one. Factors including, the fact that it is under Ethereum, it has "Airdrop" in the title and possibly because there was a lot of buzz about this particular useless aidrop when it started making rounds.

Earning vs Views

Judging by these posts I shared, I can't really see a correlation between earning and views. The top two posts with the highest rewards of $0.98 and $0.4 got 526 and 470 views respectively, while the one with 1576 views got only $0.16.

However, there's a correlation between the type of post and reward. Generally, posts with a feel-good"/bullish vibe earned more than the others.

With that said though, getting more views still remains the best way to earn from using Publish0x. You have to ensure your title, topic and tags get the attention of your audience.

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