Resurrected Bull, fixing down time and mixing it up

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I don't know if it's a real medical condition but I have a serious fear of missing the top. It's not entirely about selling at the peak price, although that's a factor, my main problem is not knowing when it comes and deciding for myself if it's what I want.

I look around the market now, and it's all red. Cryptocurrencies are dropping like rocks in the water and right now, I bet there are millions of people thinking "damn, I missed the opportunity to sell".

It's just one of those things that can't be helped I guess. I don't want to call it regret, but it really sucks to "miss the top".

When you rely on crypto inflation to survive, missing out on these opportunities pretty much determines the quality of your life. Well, it is only for a short time because, in times of plenty, you'll also have the means to live a fancy life.

Strong point

Anyway, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and virtually every cryptocurrency is taking a beating right now. I've been disconnected from Twittering activities, so I don't keep up with trends outside Hive.

I don't know what the story behind this bearish market is, but for now, it will be keeping the bulls silent. According to multiple publications, this is only a bump in the road, a necessary retracement that will sort itself out in the long run, so no need to fear.

So right now, I advise you to chase happiness by focusing on your strong point. My strong point is Splinterlands, and I've written a series of articles that show how excited I am about the project.

The value of my account has been on the up recently, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. The airdrop that will span one year has gotten so much attention and while the initial price of SPS tokens will be $0.018, I'm pretty confident that it will actually end up being close to $1 after some weeks.

Fixing power

Other than the crypto market, I've also been investigating ways that I could fix the power situation at home. The new area we moved into has better electricity but on Saturdays, we have a total blackout for pretty much the whole day.

It is a very frustrating situation and it has got me thinking about how we could fix it. Our neighbour has a fuel-powered generator that really needs maintenance because that shit is irritatingly loud.

I don't want to go down that line because those generators require a lot of maintenance, and in the long run, you'll still spend a lot more on them than you would if you used Solar power.

Initial inquiries tell me that we're going to spend roughly $500 to get a tiny solar unit that could power our TV and charge our devices. I think that will be enough.

The alternative is a fuel-powered generator that will cost half price but require regular maintenance and will also pollute the environment. Sadly, with the way the market is going, it might take a while to pull this off from our earnings.

If we can sort out the power issue, I think it'll improve my efficiency and enable me to spend more time online. Anyway, time will tell.

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