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Polycub's inflation cycle just hit another milestone as the block rate dropped to 0.25. This halving means that it is now 50% more difficult to farm Polycub.

I've sort of pushed Polycub activities to the backburner in recent times. It is not that I don't have interest in the project anymore but mostly because it is one of my "keep calm and hodl" bags.

There's some incoming development in the UI front and I reckon that it will have a positive impact on the price of the token.

In fact, even before the token launch, Polycub has been one of the best-performing assets in the crypto bear market. Despite the widespread dump, Polycub held its ground and even experienced a minor pump.

My best guess is that right now, this current price is the RFV(Risk-Free value). So, what this means in essence is that Polycub is in an "up only" state.

Anyway, word on the street is that the UI development is in an advanced stage of the soons. This addition to the platform will properly introduce coin voting through our XPolycub stake, amongst other things.

I believe Token voting will be pretty huge for Polycub when it is launched. The internal competition should translate to a healthy and sustainable pump in the value of Polycub.

Scarce tokens

As the block rate of Polycub continues to be halved, there will be even more interest to drive yield towards your own farm/vault.

Investors will be looking at the UI improvement and have one eye on increasing their xPolycub stake to ensure they can drive even more yield to the farm they're invested in.

This will, of course, pump the XPolycub ratio and the price of Polycub in the process.

When you consider the dynamics of RFV and the Protocol-owned liquidity, you'll find that there's really no need to sell your Polycub even when it pumps, unless there's an emergency.

Also, keep in mind that we're approaching crunch time in the Polycub block rate. In like 4-6 months, the block rate will be so tiny that the only way to farm a decent chunk of Polycub will be to bring a huge chunk of assets into Polycub.

So as Polycub token becomes scarcer, it is very possible that the TVL in Polycub platform as a whole will also rise.

Keep in mind that the UI development that includes Token voting will translate to a lot of Polycub moving to XPolycub contract. Which, as I mentioned earlier, in theory, could translate to Polycub and XPolycub pumping.

Keeping calm

In the face of the bear market, Polycub has held its ground. The token price didn't slump dramatically and has even started moving up in recent weeks.

Polycub token is designed to have limited supply and will also have a governance utility that will drive yield to the most bullish.

If you want more Polycub, you stake more XPolycub and vote with your tokens. You will be securing the project and at the same time, securing a scarce asset with immense potential.

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The reasons to invest are stacking up!

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Do you know what the actual return on staking in xPOLYCUB is if someone were to start right now?

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Hmm good question. Right now, it'll be slow growth but when UI changes take effect and governance "war" begins, the price could climb up faster