STEMGeeks goes Linear and my curation earning suddenly looks pretty

6 days ago
1 Min Read
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Just like Leo, StemGeeks has gone back to the linear curation way. This means that the time of upvoting doesn't matter, unlike the weird time based system that we use on the main hive front end.

For me, this is really good news since I recently staked like 6000 STEM tokens. The plan for staking these tokens was to get my dad active on STEM but I also wanted to earn from curation.

Based on my current amount of STEM staked, I should be earning at least 1STEM per upvote and I could upvote like 10 posts a day at that rate. This means that I should be earning around 70 STEM or roughly 22 Hive a week at the current rate. That's roughly $2.5 a week from just "liking" post, not bad at all.

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