Volatility vs Stability: Hive version

13 days ago
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Hive earning is split between HBD and Hive power. Hive power is the automatically staked version of Hive coin and it can be powered down to Hive, which can be deposited and traded at exchanges.


HBD on the other hand is the stable coin of sorts, as it is pegged to a dollar. It is the bread and butter of content creators who live off their earnings here. If you want to convert that HBD to money, you usually have to switch it to Dollars(although Bittrex listed HBD)

Either coin holds it's own value and that price varies between. When it comes to liquidity on hive, I like to have a split between both coins on the chain.

Both Hive and HBD have their benefits. I like to leverage both their benefits and maximise value.

My technique is pretty straight forward;

  • hold all the HBD you earn and wait till Hive value drops
  • Swap HBD to hive with that Peakd mechanism or the internal market
  • Wait till Hive value rises, and then buy HBD until the next Hive dump. Rinse and repeat this process to maximise your hive earning.

Actually, it's nothing fancy when you think about it. It's just about making more Hive by manipulating the market by taking advantage of the volatility and stability of Hive and HBD respectively.

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