DEC internal value, more competition and tough decisions

I've been doing a lot of trading on Splinterlands lately and the current value of DEC makes it a lot easier to actually make changes in…

What does Splinterlands mean to you?

I just checked the market value of my Splinterlands deck, and to be completely honest, it feels surreal. It's like I'm looking at…

SPS Airdrop is coming today

Ladies, gentlemen, zombies, witches, monsters, and summoners, it's the day you've all been waiting for. Today will forever be regarded as…

Is something wrong with Andrei Jikh's crypto portfolio?

Crypto and stock trading are parallels that have existed in their sphere. The distinction between both exists for a multitude of reasons…

Blockchain games could be the key to onboarding the next generation of Hodlers

Yesterday, I and @young-boss-karin were on the phone for quite a while, talking about Splinterlands, and related issues. In the…

Are you ready for the airdrop?

So its official, the date for the airdrop has been released and after weeks of preparation, we're going to finally receive SPS tokens.…

Accumulation, lofty ambition and the road to recovery

Growing my Leo stake has been something of an addiction for a while now and with the price of the token so low, it was nice to buy up as…

Celebrities and Crypto: A Recipe for Disaster

Celebrities are the final stage of hype in the Crypto market. Musicians from rappers to [rockers](

Bitcoin yes or no? Elon Musk's strategy

Elon Musk is a very curious character. We know well what his attitude was towards Bitcoin: initially he exalted it as a payment currency…

Cost of relocation, preparing for the unknown and sustaining life with Splinterlands

I've always known that leaving this country was going to be a challenge. Different places I checked online were pretty expensive, but…

💥Our LeoFinance Curation Initiative celebrates its 2 months. Join us!

Dear Lions and Cubs, It has been 2 months since HODL Community decided to become a curator for the leofinance platform. To announce…

NFT buzz, Death of Memecoins and are we at the bottom yet?

As the crypto market evolves, we will experience new concepts that will take center stage. In recent times, all the buzz has been around…

Business for a young girl

Yesterday, I was asked the tricky question: "What business can a young girl start?" The hidden addiction to that question is - 'to make a…

Resurrected Bull, fixing down time and mixing it up

I don't know if it's a real medical condition but I have a serious fear of missing the top. It's not entirely about selling at the peak…

What determines the market value of a Splinterlands card?

Splinterland cards are NFT and they can be used in battle. The term "market value or market price" is only used loosely because in…

Adding these common monsters to your deck will be very profitable

If you've been active on Splinterlands, then you must have noticed that the market value of your deck has been rising. There's a frenzy to…

Work space improvement paid with crypto profit, more staking, and weekend cool down

So after weeks of deliberation and planning, I've finally gotten myself a decent workspace that I can be proud of. It is as spacious as…

I Decided To Stake More Cub in The Cubdefi Kingdom-Tutorial

I remember writing a post yesterday talking about the dilemma I am in at the moment of whether to stake Leo or Buy Cub and stake it , I…