I just won 1 million Hive...see how I spent it!!!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Nice, you be good man oh, you wan dey do competition...Me I go fes chop belle full ...then I go

This is why you should add these monsters to your deck

There are new monsters on the block and in my previous post , I enquired about your

What do you think about the new reward cards?

So the monsters are out on the loose and they've been spotted in different parts of the land. They come in different shapes, sizes…

What are you staking on Hive today?

On numerous occasions, I've talked about my quest for developing multiple streams of passive income. To achieve that, I often look out for…

Turning 29, self employment, growth and looking forward

I turn 29 today and I can hardly believe the type of life I'm living now. It's safe to say that I like the way I'm living now and if you…

New monsters, daily quest woes and new opportunities

The changes in the game have led to a situation of sorts, particularly with the loot chest reward system from doing quests. In summary…

Time eventually pays dividend

Time is probably the most valuable resource in the world. It's the one thing that nobody can afford and so whenever your time is up, it's…

Lacking Leo, airdrop thoughts, and big plans

At the start of the year, I promised myself that I'll end the year with at least 10k Leo power for curation. Unfortunately, I've not been…

Sometimes you need to fail to succeed

Life has its ups and downs, and throughout the journey, I've taken every moment with gratitude. On some days, it's difficult to get out…

My Hive Introduction

Hello Hive, my name is Elliot Akaweingha. I'm a software engineer and a crypto enthusiast. I've developed several mobile applications and…

Happy 4th hive birthday to me; 4 shocking things I benefited from hive REVEALED!!!( from 0.6 dollars to 4k dollars)

Today marks my 4th year on hive and I thought it right to reflect on my journey so far on hive. [pixabay](

Investing in my internet, professional course and balancing my crypto portfolio

One of my biggest challenges has been paying for the internet. It is one of my most frustrating recurrent bills because it's generally…

Coins, coins and a bunch of coins

If you're in the market to buy coins, then I have some suggestions for you. You should know this is not financial advice but content I'm…

Onboarding, Spellbook Giveaway and What's up with cub?

The pump in the value of my Splinterlands deck has led to a reduction in my observation of my other assets. It's not a case of…

How Many Millionaires Will Hive Create?

Here we will engage in another thought exercise to get the juices flowing. What is going to be covered here is based upon the potential…

One victory at a time

There's always so much going on at every time of the day and if you blink, you will miss out on something. Over the years, I've learned…

Let your investments complement each other

I have an investment strategy, and I don't know the name. What I can say for sure is that I always ensure the pieces are somewhat…

Hive millionaires are all over the place

I've seen the phrase "I'm a Hive millionaire" a couple of times this week and I must say, it's a very refreshing feeling. It's a testament…

The Case For HBD Eating Up Hive

We are watching closely our stablish-coin to see how it reacts. So far, we are looking at a peg that is not holding. The recent bull run…