DAILY TOTAL CRYPTO MARKETCAP, Look At That Beautiful Channel

There is an ATH trend in shaded orange, but look at that channel. WHAT DO YOU YALL THINK? Any trading noob can trade monthly/weekly…

Wealth Concentrations Like BlackRock And Vanguard Own Almost Everything

BlackRock, Vanguard and Slate Street are the largest owners of corporations and own almost 90% of ALL S&P 500 firms. Vanguard is the…

Daily Total Crypto Market Cap

We are hanging out at the 200 EMA right now.

Weekly Total Crypto Market Cap EMA's

Total #Crypto is basically my favorite way to see how dead #fiat is.

Weekly Totaly Crypto Hasn't Hit The EMA 50 Line In Over A Year And A Half

WEEKLY TOTAL CRYPTO MARKET CAP CHART: EMA 50 - 100 - 200 "When in doubt.. ZOOM OUT!" and as Im about to post this we are on our way…
1 mo

America Needs To Start Spending It's Money More Responsibly, We Are In Decline

To be competitive, America has to invest in: #infrastructure #jobs program that includes #training for unskilled workers…

About 1/6 Of Households Cannot Afford A $100,000 Home; About 2/3 Of Households Can't Afford The Average Home

2019 #data shows roughly 80 million households cant afford the current average house price in 2020-2021 America. THATS 2/3 OF HOUSEHOLDS…