Why has Bill Gates Gone on a Stock Selling Spree only to Buy Schrodinger?

18 days ago
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Recently, Bill Gates has been making a lot of decisions in the stock market, selling off a lot of stocks and buying just one stock back. In case you do not know who this person is, he is the world's 4th richest person on the planet with $127.3B. Bill Gates became a billionaire through taken his company Microsoft public but has since then sold most of his shares and holds only 1.3% of Microsoft Shares but has invested in several other companies.

Recently, Bill started selling off his shares in so many companies such as Uber (100%), Boston Properties (100%), Alibaba (100%), Alphabet Google, Amazon (50%), Apple [AAPL] (50%), Liberty Lilac Group (25%), Berkshire Hathaway (10.61%) and bought only Schrodinger (40.15%).

I could say that these stocks that were sold by Bill Gates are overvalued as they hold high prices and not all are profitable. Stocks such as Uber have been valued at over $100B but not profitable. A lot of the stocks sold have a high market value compared to the profit/earning ratio (P.E). Bill Gates is now investing in Schrodinger, a health care company.

A lot of us are wondering why Bill sold all these stocks and bought only one stock. It is no doubt that he has been investing in the health sector for a very long time but is this the only reason why he would want to invest in Schrodinger?, is it because the market of Schrodinger is good, its cap is low, revenue is high and so on? Please share your opinion.


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