Alpha Network announces Testnet and Blockchain

Alpha Network which is a similar project to Pi Network earlier this week announced the launch of Alpha testnet and blockchain. The project…

Difference between hive and uhive.

Although the two names may sound similar but there is a huge difference between two. Both are social blockchain-based content creation…

50 percent of the total Alpha Coin mined

Alpha network which is a similar application to Pi network that a user can log in daily to mine and get free coins daily. The project had…

MTGOX to begin compensation payments

MTGOX will begin compensation payment to registered customers who were affected after the Company went bankrupt

Binance assigns Price to Pi network

A careful examination of Pi Network on Binance will show that a price has been assigned to Pi network. On this page can be found highest…

PI Network to be listed on Binance

I have been a strong admirer of the cryptocurrency PI Network since it was introduced in 2019. It has gain the attention of many crypto…

Bring back the good old Steemit

I remember when steemit first came on board the reward was huge and exciting, so many people heard the good news and rushed in to share in…