I can never regret joining the Hive blockchain

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The one thing I will never regret in my life is returning to the hive blockchain in 2020.

Anytime, I have a chance to talk about my decision to join hive I like to tell a story.

Story time...

I joined hive in September 2017 by chance. My ex-girlfriend told me about a platform that was paying her friend for socializing. She said it was like Facebook.

I doubted for a moment because I was burnt by a lot of investments that were eventually Ponzi schemes. This made me very sceptical and made starting out on steemit very difficult.

I started Steemit to check if it was a platform that was working. I made my first post and made 80$. I was super excited. I couldn't contain my excitement and so I told my friends about it and most of my friends came on board.


It was this excitement that got me to invite @ebingo, @gamsam and @belemo and a whole lot of my friends into the platform.

However, things became hard as getting rewards from the platform became extremely difficult. Most of my friends stopped showing up on the platform. I also stopped showing up too. However, Belemo continued. The funny thing was Ebingo told me his brother was good at interacting with people and he was very sure that his brother was going to do well.

During the Covid lockdown, we were sent back to our homes and I literally had nothing to do. I had no source of income and things became exremely difficult. I got very bored.


I wanted to start my forex journey as I had enough knowledge in Forex. I had read almost every book in Forex trading out there but I had a problem with capital. I needed hundred dollar to fund my account.

I thought of different ways to raise the capital but I couldnt find any reasonable way. Then one faithful day, @ebingo told me @belemo his brother was doing very well on hive.

Well, I have never being a proud person and so I chatted Belemo and he gave me a very big advice and that advice opened a lot of doors for me. I will be talking about the advice he gave to me in anther post.

I followed his advice closely and I gradually started finding my feets and started achieving some minor things that made me so happy. It was looking very wasy with the mentorship I was getting.

After a month of consistency, I discovered #dcity from a post Pouchon wrote about in 2020. Although, I didn't take it seriously because I was too focused on engaging and making my posts.

Then @gamasam told me that he had studied #dcity and he thinks I could make me some good money by flipping game cards.

The problem here was that I didn't have 100$ to start the game.

Remember my ex who told me about Steemit?

I went to meet her to strike a deal with her that I would give her 10% per month if she give me 100$.


I had already tested the platform and 10% was not so much if you are serious. In my first month I made 50% profit in the first month.

Long story short, I killed the idea of doing forex and focused on flipping cards.

I flipped card everyday for 8 months and turned that the small hundred dollar to over 2000$

A few days ago, I sold a part of it for 800 hive. At that point 800hive was worth 400$.

I put the 800 hive into the internal market and Hive pumped and the 400$ rose to 1200$.

I was so happy and today that money is going to serve as my exam fee for me to practice medicine in the United states.

Now can you see why I can't regret returning to hive in 2020?

I didn't even talk of how I was being paid about 10$ everyday at some point on dcity without doing anything. The passive income was beautiful

I didn't even mention how Hive funded my graduation and licensing as a doctor in Nigeria.

Moral of the story

  • Be consistent
  • Don't give up. If someone is making it, find out what the person is doing and model after it. A lot of people come into hive and get discouraged because they are not getting upvotes. The key is to be consistent with getting better.

Thank you for reading.

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Thanks @ecency

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Wow! That was an inspiring story! Indeed joining Hive was one of the best thing I did too!

Goodluck in advance in your coming exam.

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Thank you so much.. I appreciate this comment

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That's an awesome story. Is the dcity still working? I have come across that before but never really did a study of it.

1 mo

Yes it still works but I don't think the returns are as good as before.

But I think it's still fair


So how do I go about it?