Farming Tales: 3D Farming Simulator with Real-World Farming Benefits

* Farming Tales is an innovative low-poly farming simulator built on the [WAX blockchain](

I Was a Part of the Largest NFT Drop in Blockchain History! 🤯🖼

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PeakD would benefit from an NFT page

Can I see ALL my NFTs somewhere, other than ? @peakd could use an update on the wallet page that could (1) show all NFTs associated…

How the BlockTunes DAO Supports DEFI as a Service - DaaS - You Buy A Token, We Do The Rest!

Hello everyone. In this article I am going to be going a bit further into the concept of the BlockTunes DAO being a "DEFI as a Service"…

Cross Blockchain NFT Exchange! 🖼

I thought this was a pretty cool tool… We can now do cross chained transfers of NFTs! This is made possible by the website nft…

Making Gifs for the Cartel and feeling a little big gangsta!

Introduction We love making gifs! This of you that follow us can see the journey we have been on. You can find our Gifs on Giphy and…

My First Nft Pack Opening on Neftyblocks (WAX)

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Tako Mints: Koloboks Gameplay

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Boss Tako: Officeland Gameplay (WAX)

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UNofficial Winners List for #HivePUD (Hive Power Up Day) January 1st, 2022

And as always, a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this month's Hive Power Up Day, either through powering up, posting…

Don't Overcomplicate Your Business Goals

Image sourced from Pixabay One thing that stops business dead in th

1st Hive Power Up Day of 2022

It's the first Hive Power Up Day of 2022, so as a true Hive guy I had to participate in this one! I haven't been powering up as much…

The Ultimate NFT Faucet… Let’s Get These NFT’s!!!

Hey everybody! So I’m a NFT collector now, and the I like to collect a lot of WAX NFTs. And if you’re into NFTs, you know a lot of the…

Tako Thoughts on the Dip

So here’s where we are right now in crypto. The king, Bitcoin is taking a bit of a dump right now and lots of people are hav

Hive at All Time Highs! I’m Thankful 🙏🏾

Hey everyone! So I had another post about boxing but there’s just too much going on to ignore! This hive price movement is just…

Tako Thoughts on the Latest Hive Pump

Source Hive has been pumping like crazy latley! And I've been excited, to say the least... Sho

Buy Bitcoin or Buy Data Camp, That is the Question... 🤔💭

My experience in crypto has really taken me all over the internet. Being here on the hive and sharing my thoughts and experiences through

Tako on the Pump

Source Over the past few days we’ve had some coins doing some pumping. For the most part

Tron is giving me Hive Feels

So I’ve been on the Hive platform for a while now and with the hive-engine and all the other opportunities to earn on here,

Earn a good APY on your Hive Power and help curation !

Hello Hiveans, If this is the first time you hear from us, we are a curation team and project aiming to discover and support good…