Building Passive Income With Hive

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Building Passive Income With Hive

This is a series of articles that focuses in on building passive income streams. The goal here is to teach others what is possible with time, money and commitment in life and in crypto. This article will focus on the Hive blockchain only which has actully become a true powerhouse in both wealth and what I truly envision crypto being.

Building passive income streams is a time consuming process or investment heavy process. The combination of the two speeds things up dramatically but it's a process that takes time to build and keep steady with. In many cases you wont see the rewards of this till a few years down the road. However the big bonus here is with hive and crypto APR rates are often much higher than traditional finance in Fiat and could earn you massive amounts of value in a shorter period of time.


One of the easiest methods to passive income with Hive right now is the "stablecoin" HBD which decently holds a $1 peg. By placing HBD into savings you'll earn a massive 20% APR at the moment. Of course this rate is subject to change at any time based on witnesses settings. 20% APR right now is huge though and can quickly stack up when you get your hands on some of it.


You can also put your HBD to work in defi. There are currently two places that house this. The first being CubDeFi which offers a few farms to put your HBD to work.

*BHBD-BHIVE which are wrapped versions of the two hive blockchain tokens BHBD-BUSD this is my personal favorite as it combines two stablecoins with a decent APR payout BHBD-CUB combines the native token cub with the stablecoin BHBD


If you didn't know just powering up hive earns you a current rate of 3% APR which can change. However I haven't seen it fall under 2.5%. It's a easy way to start stacking your hive that is powered up. I highly recommend spending some time to kick this up a level by doing curation (voting on others content) In most cases you'll earn a extra 9% APR for curating.

Diesel Pools

Diesel pools are a way to combine your layer two tokens on the hive blockchain to earn rewards. There are a number that pay out rather well and I invite you to explore around and see what pools are best for you. Diesel Pools


As stated above under Hive curation rewards add up and only take a bit of your time if you want. By curating other content you'll earn a APR based on those actions which will reward you in even more hive! In most cases I hover a little over the 9% range on this. You can check yours at any time under Hivestats.io

This article is for entertainment purposes and is not financial advice.

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