Changes To CubFinance What's The Play?

15 days ago
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CubFinance is getting a few big changes in the next few days. With DeFi and new projects there will continue to be changes and alterations to the platform.


Updated UI

First lets say the UI updates are nice nothing overkill but being able to read it better is a huge plus. I'd love to see a major overhaul of the UI personally to make it look different then all the other DeFi projects and really make it stand out as a unique and trusted entity. Perhaps that will come with some time.


Dens and Farms

These two I believe will always be changing constantly. Dens will shut down, lose rewards and new ones added based on results. There's only so much CUB to be mined so spreading it across to dens and farms that really are not producing much for the DeFi I personally feel is a smart move and will increase value and demand in the areas that are.

Offering too many options in marketing is a huge issue, I believe that holds true for DeFi as well.

Because of these changes my main hold is simply going to increase.

When CUB first launched I wrapped some of my leo and staked it into the bLEO > BNB pool. That was the first easy move for me that made sense at the time. After learning more about DeFi and how it all works. The natural thought process to me was CUB-BUSD LP is ALWAYS going to have huge and high demand. Simply because we in the crypto field still relate EVERYTHING to USD values. We "value" bitcoin still by how much it's worth in USD and I don't think we will see a change in that for a very long time.

That being my main farm and one I will stick with primarily for a long time is CUB-BUSD. I feel this Farm will ALWAYS be there. This most likely will be the case for CUB-BNB since it's build on top of Binance.

From there I simply continue to pull the CUB that is produced here and stick more of it into the Dens under CUB for right now. Continued cycle over and over again.

For me from what I understand and my LONG term holds it's the perfect combination. For you and depending on your investment strategies it might not be for you.

This seems to generate and continue to stack CUB with minimal risk. As the CUB-BUSD I placed into the farm I honestly have no intention of ever extracting it back out. Instead I'll recover this and profit though the selling of some CUB weeks if not months from now.

  • This article is not investment advice it is for entertainment purposes only.


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