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We are in an era right now where everyone with internet access has a equal playing fields. This is a just an example and by no means is going to make you rich within the next few days but over time it will provide you with crypto earnings that continue to compound over time.

*Before we jump into this, this article is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advice.

Starting With LEO and Hive

We all have a story, we all have unique skills be it DIY projects, creative writing, SEO, marketing, investing strategies etc. By providing VALUE and Entertainment through video, images and writing you can post that content to tribes just as LEO (if it fits within what that tribe accepts) and all tribes are backed by Hive. That means you'll also be earning Hive tokens on the back end.

Staking/Powering Up Hive provides you with the following

  • Increased resources on the network so you can comment, vote and post more often
  • Compounding at a rate of 3.31% (subject to changes)
  • You'll some times earn HBD(Hive back dollars) Place in savings for 10% APY(subject to change)
  • Curation rewards for voting on others content can reach upwards of 8%-16%

Just earning Hive/HBD along starts compounding itself. While slow at first it will grow over time if you keep up with it and continue to engage and make connections with others by providing value and quality comments/feedback. DO NOT TRY AND SHORT CUT THIS IT WILL BITE YOU IN THE BUTT!

Earning LEO provides you with many options

  • Stake/Power it up to increase your vote weight allowing you to earn LEO curation rewards
  • Converting LEO into bLEO (on the binance smart chain) which can be used in the CubDefi Kingdoms and Farms allowing you to compound and earn CUB tokens.
  • There are a number of other options for LEO but not going to get into them on this article want to keep it rather easy

Gaming With Splinterlands

Splinterlands has recently taken off and with a $10 investment you can start taking part in the game. It is recommended however to buy some packs when you can in order to level up a little faster at the start if you can.

By playing the game you will be earning DEC a currency of the game used for many things. Not only that you will also be earning a new governance token called SPS. You can either keep this SPS and stake it which will earn you more rewards over time or you could sell it for CAKE on pancake swap and then stake that CAKE into CubDeFi Kingdoms which would earn you CAKE plus CUB! You're now further compounding your assets.

Make Your Crypto Work For You

There are so many options right now where time invested writing articles like this can be used to compound your assets as a phenomenal rate. While you earn a trash 0.5% or less in your savings account you could be compounding your digital assets at 50% or better that's 100x FASTER than a bank. (and they wonder why people are stopping using banks these days)

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