CubDeFi Just Got A Fresh APR!

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CubDeFi Just Got A Fresh APR!

If you didn't know already CubDeFi just introduced a few Hive Defi pools to their mix. They just got a little boost as well pushing the APRS a bit higher. In this article I'll over over what the new farm pools are, how to wrap your hive tokens and how to stake it in the farm to start earning Cub tokens.

New DeFi Pools

BHBD-BUSD - BHBD is a wrapped version of Hives HBD stable coin and Binance USD tokens combined.

BHIVE-CUB - BHIVE is a wrapped version of the hive token combined with CUB the native token of CubDefi

BHBD-CUB - BHBD is a wrapped version of the HBD decartelized stable coin for Hive.

All pools are currently paying out 50% or higher APRS (however this will change up and down depending on the amount staked by everyone and the amount of the emissions delegated to that pool)


How to wrap your Hive or HBD

The first thing you need is a metamask wallet that is connected to the binance smart chain and then connect that into if you haven't already. If you need help setting up your metamask wallet for binance smart chain check out this tutorial Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

Wrapping your Hive or HBD is easy and the process is pretty much the same. The first thing you need is liquid Hive or HBD in your hive wallet (not hive-engine) For example if you wanted to wrap 500 Hive you would need 500 hive that is in your wallet not powered up. If you wanted to wrap 500 HBD you would need 500 HBD in your account not in the savings.

Next go to and click on either bHive or bHBD depending on the one you want to wrap hive or HBD.

Doing so will take you to a page that looks like this...

From here type in your metamask wallet address that you used to connect to in the receiving BSC address block. Then type in the amount of hive or HBD you want to wrap.

When confirmed both click on Transfer and a popup will ask you for your Hive username. Type in your hive username and approve the transaction (in most cases hive keychain will popup to confirm it if you're using it)

Give it a good minute and your Hive should now be in your metamask wallet.

In this example I'm going to use BHBD-CUB but this same thing could be applied to any.

Step 1) Go to and connect to it with your metamask wallet (top right)

Step 2) Go to DeFi Farms

Step 3) Click on BHBD-CUB to drop it down and on the right will be a button to approve the contract. Approve the contract will cost a small amount of Binance tokens so you'll need a bit of Binance in your wallet.

Step 4) Click on Get BHBD-CUB on the left hand side seen here.
bnb.jpg This will open Pancake Swap.

Step 5) Confirm the valid pair is selected in this case it is CUB and bHBD. If you don't have CUB you can buy it directly on Pancake swap with many tokens here
Click on Add Liquidity

Step 6) You'll now have a page that looks something like this.

Type in the amount of CUB or bHBD and the other will populate with the current amount needed to pair them. Once set click on Supply and approve the transaction on metamask.

Step 7) Wait about a minute for the confirmation transaction on Binance. Once it's done you'll be able to click on the + button back on CubDeFi farms seen here
plus.jpg set the max amount if you want to stake all of your new pair you just created. Then click on Confirm. Allow another 20 seconds or so to pass for the transaction to be confirmed and shortly after you'll start earning your CUB by providing liquidity to CubDeFi!

What are the BHBD and BHIVE contract addresses?

You can use these contract addresses to add the tokens into your

BHBD Contract Address: 0x874966221020d6ac1aed0e2cfad9cbfee0ba713b

BHIVE Contract Address: 0x9faf07d1fbc130d698e227e50d1fb72657c0a342

If you have any questions please feel free to drop them in the comments and I'll be happy to help out.

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Great APR for cross-chain Hive assets. I'm delighted with the revival of CUB Finance!
Time to utilize juicy APR for our investment 🔥


Thank you for sharing this with us here, sometimes I found it confusing I will always reference to this article for the steps


You're welcome


There are many DeFi platforms that offer impressive APRs. What set us apart is having several time higher yields on stablecoins (apart from being a platform you can trust; unlike most DeFi projects in existence).

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Faith in your investment along with research is very important. I feel rather confident with this one over many other options.

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The track record and transparency we have received through AMAs is more than enough justification to ape in. At one point, @leofinnace DeFi projects were the biggest part of my portfolio. Even while the prices crash I don't feel much about it. I simply shrug things off and HODL with no effort.

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I don't like defi but the Leo team change my perspective towards it and I have never regretted a day investing in it. This will be interesting

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It can be a lot of learn and there has been much negative news about it. However if you find a platform you believe in defi opens up huge new possibilities.


I didn't do it with polycub because the matic chain is so unstable but i couldn't resist with this cub update.

Moved a good bit of HBD to the platform and will see how it goes.

Great tutorial.

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I've personally liked the Binance version as well.


Staking on CUBDeFi not only does it pay great apr it also helps the project sustainability.

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Oh Happy Day
Cubfinance is reinvigorated
Oh Happy Day
Cubfinance has Hive elements
Oh Happy Day
Cubfinance has Higher APR
Oh Happy Day

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