Data Sovereignty Back To The People - A New Wave Of Funds Inbound

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April 7th 2021 could possibly be the day that starts one of the biggest transfers of wealth into cryptocurrency. Instead of small transactions banks will now start taking their liquid assets and placing them into crypto currency.


Via a platform called RevolutionPopuli


What Is RevolutionPopuli?

From there site "Returning data sovereignty back to the people"

What exactly does that mean?

The project aims to be fully open and instead of claiming themselves as the "Ethereum Killer" like so many of these other sub set projects their aim is to be the FACEBOOK KILLER.

The blockchain is decentralized database with user controls, offers up DeFi and Crypto clearing, Community for ecosystem apps from social to games and a social net allowing for others to tap into it and create other social nets.



It's main goal at first is to be a clearinghouse for banks. It's a neutral party that helps banks resolve cryptocurrencies. A clearinghouse which is with RevolutionPopuli will be primarily is the intermediary between buyers and selling's of financial investments.

To make it as short as possible to understand a bank does not want to spend millions maybe even billions to create a system for tracking, maintaining, regulating delivery and reporting the trades. This is why places such as Paypal and stripe exists. They take care of all of this while the banks simply lend out the money and allow the transactions to take place between businesses and customers.

RovolutionPopuli will be the acting figure in this role.

This means huge sums of money can now flow, be tracked etc through massive finical. Think of it as a very real possible scenario of huge sums of money being allows to flow into cryptocurrency. That date of starting April 7th 2021 only a few days away so get ready for a possible huge rally.


Building Social

The next goal of this blockchain is building not one but MANY Facebook alternatives which are aimed to crush traditional social media and fuel a new generation of social media which is open for all to enjoy and control.

It aims to foster social networks that don't steal your data and instead protects it through the blockchain. This is one of the biggest errors that have happened in the last few years. When mega corps such as Facebook decided to no longer protect user data but instead fully track it and sell it making "people" that use their platform a commodity instead of treating people like PEOPLE!

As of the last year people have seriously started waking up from this and being outraged. However there are limitation options and outlets still. Many projects are in the works such as ProjectBlank from LeoFinance but not many have rolled out and those that have are being attacked such as parler as a rough example. People now see a huge demand and willingness to get off of these platforms and start using something again the is decartelized and control by its users. Think of it as the old Internet when it was first born. Remember how much fun it was and all the crazy creative stuff you could do and people would flood to it. Well we want those days back, the reason the internet was born, the reason bitcoin was created in the first place. TO BE DECETRLIZED AND ALLOW PEOPLE TO HAVE CONTROL OF THEIR OWN LIVES.

It's going to be a very interesting project to watch. In a way I kind of hope they hit the ground running with a massive campaign and mind blowing social media platforms on July 4 Independence day. Who knows that that's just me :)

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