Do Delegations Undermine The Entire POB Concept

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The more time I spend here on Hive the more things I see that are glaring concerns to me. With a history of running my own business for the last 18 years and seeing all the drama of crypto over the last 8 years one of the things that has recently caught my attention is the concept of delegations.

What Are Delegations?

Delegations come in the form of many use cases but in general it simply means you lend your Hive power to another account. This in turn helps the project. That project could be a curation platform, to help onboarding etc. In exchange you often times get a kick back in the form of part or all of the curation rewards from that account based on your delegation you have sent.

Does This Undermine The Entire POB Concept?

What happens is you start getting accounts with massive amounts of power not only in Hive but also within tribes. While many do their best they can with curation it begs the question. Is this method undermining everything POB was built for? That was to give everyone a vote and a say as to what content they want to upvote and feel holds value here on Hive/tribes.

Instead of 1,000 people going around and curating content to get rewards 1,000 accounts now throw their powered up hive or tokens to a curation account. That one account now has to try and do the work of hundreds of people in terms of curating content each day.

My Thoughts

To me it become ineffective, It's impossible for one account or a few curation accounts to really go around and properly curate content on the platform. There's simply not enough hours in the day.

To me delegations promotes the following

The positives

  • A easy way to protect your Hive and still help fund a project
  • Passive income for those who are too busy doing other things

The negatives

  • Passive income for those lazy
  • Centralization
  • Less activity and engagement

I'm curious to hear your own view points on this and how you feel about delegations. Let me know in the comments.

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