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A lot of hype has been coming out of the LEO team as of late and honestly it's good solid hype. Not that fluff crap like serious work being done and advancements and that's why I believe LEO is one of the most solid investments for both your time and money this year.

With news of the micro blog system going to drop and with it some type of air drop people are stocking up big time which is driving prices up as to be expected.

With that said I wanted to give some thoughts on the micro blog. These are simply ideas and what I feel would be helpful. They are by no means the truth as to what is coming as I have zero insight as I'm not part of that team so please take that into account.


*1) Providing metrics and stats

As a marketer I rely on stats but I'm sure you all love your stats as well. When it comes to micro blogging twitter added stats not long ago and from that they saw marketing skyrocket on their platform. The ability to track and see response rates is important. It lets me and others know that the money we are putting in is paying off and to track profit, awareness and engagement on the platform.

For me I would love to see some type of stats system on the microblog. It gives me incentive to run promoted ads. Noise cash recently released and I have to say that platform is doomed to quickly become a giant spam fest of junk here in a months time unless they start doing something. (But let's be honest I seriously hate everything about Bitcoin cash so I don't really care lol but I'll for sure take their crypto and sell it if that's what they want to do right now)

That brings me to point #2


2) Curbing spam While a microblog for sure is primed for spamming as a large majority of people like to sit around and do nothing and think they will collect fortunes that way there needs to be a strong way to curb spamming or abuse on the system. I am sure this has already been well thought of.


3) The Algorithm if there even is one*

Some insight as to how the algorithm works if there even is one? Or will bit be a simple if you follow me then I'll show up on your feed in order with everyone else you follow. Hate them or love them algorithms are actually hugely important. They allow me as a person to get the right information I want and not a bunch of random stuff I didn't ask for or find any interest in.


Some questions I have (I'll update this post once I find answers if that's before or after launch) Updated questions with answers Per @khaleelkazi responses

  1. Will the micro blog be a free for all or will it have a topic of choice such as LeoFinance does? A: Free For All

  2. Will there be a initial road map of things you want to release after it's launch and some bugs are worked out? A: Long-term roadmap at launch

  3. Will there be ads on the platform and those ads will burn tokens? A: Yes

  4. Miners or interest on staked coins or both? A: Miners (no interest on ___ tokens outside of curation rewards)

I'm sure we won't see most of these answers till after launch but still wanted to share some of my thoughts and have them logged here on the blockchain.

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