Just Doubled up My CUB

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A few days ago I made a swap for one crypto into BNB however the transaction was super delayed and finally today it's cleared!

What does that mean?

I could finally stock up on CUB.

I guess in a way I should be thankful because the day I was going to make the trade CUB was over $3 each. Currently it's sitting at $2.786 with a TVL of 19.1 million.


What Did I Get?

I'm sure some of you are wondering what I ended up doing and I though long and hard about it myself. I big part of me wants to lock it in a farm under CUB-BUSD LP for those sweet big gains of nearly 300% APR right now. However I ended up simply just buying as much CUB as possible with the BNB I had and harvesting the 45 or so CUB that's been building up over time.

I then ended up tossing all of it into the CUB den which is now earning me even more CUB.

Depending on how the markets go in the crypto world this weekend (I'm expecting a sell off on ETHEREUM) I'll most likely pick up more but instead this time add it into the CUB-BNBUSD farm to provide more liquidity to the platform.


LEO Bridge

It's been announced that Leo Bridge will be coming SOON. Soon in dev language means anywhere between a few days to a month or two at least in my experience haha. However it should actually be soon I'm expecting it some time this week and it's going to be HUGE.

What is the Leo Bridge you ask?

To put it the simplest way possible it allows conversion of ERC-20 Tokens from Ethereum to BEP-20 tokens.

Why is this so great?

Ethereum fees are massive. Talking $20 upwards of $50 on more transactions that take place. This has locked in a lot of funds within DeFI that people most likely don't want to move because of the fees they will have to pay. However Binance fees are about $0.15 to $0.60 depending no network demand. Still a little high in my book but clear as night and day as to what one most people would use.

This cute little graphic sums it up as well...


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