LEO Might Be The Best Crypto Bet Of 2023

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LEO Might Be The Best Crypto Bet Of 2023

The LEO token has had a rough year along with the tokens that go with it such as CUB and Polycub. In retrospect however all of crypto has been doing poorly and lost vast amounts. But this isn't just crypto focused this is also effecting the world markets including the stock markets which have seeing just as bad of results in many cases.

CUB and DeFi

With CubDefi still struggling in price I think it important to note that it's moving in the right direction. While I still think a vote should be enacted to reduce the emissions to 0.5 CUB per block right now during this recession type bear market and later voted back up to 1 Cub per block in the bull market I don't see that happening. Instead we are for some reason trying to catch it emissions wise in a bear market.

While I feel that's a mistake and everyone should just buck up and take a 25% or 50% hit to the APR for now during the bear market in emissions that might not fly with others. That hit in emissions however should increase the value of Cub since the usage of it would remain the same and possibly fall the the bear market gets worse.


Leo now seems like the big promise in terms of what is possible. Not only has LEO opened it's doors to all people and not strictly focused on finances only being allowed on their front end but it's going to implant something I believe will give it serious value and I have been pressing other platforms to do for years. That's the implantation of base layer ad revenue that supports the token price. That means even if someone or the majority of people continue to sell the token it still has value because of the ad revenue being generated. It helps to cushion the blow during a bear market and it helps full a bull market showing resilience and strength.

Not only that but LEO is going to be implementing other features such as paywalls etc. While I don't feel these will be used much if at all it still provides some form of value. In practice though I really don't see someone subscribing in LEO to someone's content. Non the less it's there and might help support the price a little bit more as every bit helps right?

This is why I'm betting big on LEO in 2023 and going to be putting a lot of time into onboarding people to threads and interacting on it. While a vast majority of those people will most likely cash out the LEO tokens some may hold on to some if not all. That increased activity as well also means more ad revenue which means a higher price for the LEO token as more funds are going towards the same emission of LEO tokens.

My hopes are that LEO finds other ways to expand further such as swap fees built directly into the front end UI of threads. Such as transferring your LEO into Binance via one or two clicks and not having to join CubDeFi and wrapping it first then swapping. Right now it's far too many steps and if a smart contract is able to do this on it's own and collect a bit of a fee on top of it for simplicity reasons I could see that also providing value to not only the LEO token but also the CUB token.

There's a lot of possibilities but also a lot of work to be done moving forward. However it's one of the few projects lately that I believe can make it through the bear market and explode during the next bull run.

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